Problem with Ignore Media Type



I am trying to back up a game with SafeDisc3.20.030 on it. I have 4 physical burners on my computer(no readers or virtual drives). I believe I need to check both Ignore media type and RMPS in emulation. When I burn a disc and try to run it in any of the writers it gets detected and will not run. I check the log afterwards under options and it shows NO for ignore media type and RMPS even though I have checked it(when I go back to options, those 2 boxes are unchecked again). I am using 1.9.6 build 4719. How do I get a good copy of a safedisc3 game?
I am making a ton of coasters that just puke at the flash screen. NUTZ!!! :Z


could you please email the Alcohol support team with a System Report from Alcohol.


User has also posted in the trial forum and we’re awaiting his response.


Hey guys,
I tried to get a copy made of this game before we left town for 10 days. I have taken my laptop and the original disc with us and I just have to make sure the kids do not scratch up the original disc. The PC that has all the burners and alcohol 120% on it is home and I will not be back to working on backing up the game for about a week or two. Sorry for the delay. Two years ago when I used CCD, Futureproof would say do this and that and all would be good and I would get a working backup. (see my other post here at CD Freaks for detailed information)

P.S. I did swap out a burner for a DVD-rom reader real quick, a Samsung, and it still would not run. Be good, take care and I will send a report when I am back home,

Happy Easter!!!