Problem with IDE to USB 2.0 adapter

:a I bought a IDE to USB 2.0 adapter (w/power supply) to use IDE CD/DVD-ROM as external drives. I have the following three drives:

  1. an old Creative 2x DVD-ROM

  2. Plextor W1210TA CD-Writer

  3. Pioneer DVR-A07XLA DVD-Writer

Both Creative and Plextor drives work in perfect condition when Windows XP recognized them as USB mass storage devices after connecting them through the IDE to USB adapter. The weird problem is with the Pioneer drive. It works perfectly when connected directly to an IDE channel. But it failed to read any CD or DVD when using as an external device by connecting it through the adapter, even though Windows XP recognized it as an USB device. It appeared that the CD/DVD inserted in the drive was detected. But no contect can be read like it is a blank disc. I upgraded the firmware of the Pioneer DVD-writer to the latest v1.20 and it did not help.

Any suggestion or advice?

Thanks for any help!


I got the same problem too, but with BenQ DW16xx. No issue with my MSI 52x CD-ROM drive thr… Guess there is not much we can do…

It might be the power supply - if it only provides 12v, regulated down (switchmode downconverter, I hope) to 5v, then the combined load may be too high when the drive is active.

if that’s the case, read the drive ratings, and add half the 5v current to the 12v - if the PSU is not rated for at least that, then it could be the problem.

I would also check the enclosure thread as the chip in your converter may be one that has already been checked to see if it works or not.