Problem with home video files



Hi, I have some video files of ours from a holiday in Thailand, While over there we filled our memory card and found it expensive to buy a new one. So we had the video’s from our card transferred to DVD, When we returned home we tried to transfer the files (witch are in MOV format) to our external hard drive.
In doing this most of the files transferred fine except for a few that were over approximately 200mb or over, they got so far through the transfer and stopped, We tried again once the rest finished but came up with an error message (Cannot read from the source file or disk) although they play fine in all our programs, They just won’t copy!
We have tried to copy them straight to another DVD and tried several programs including Windows DVD maker, Ulead DVD movie factory, DVD fab6 HD decrypter, Cyberlink power cinema (the program we got with our video camera), Cyberlink power director and several others we downloaded but none have worked.
We are using a Toshiba L300 laptop and have tried every thing we can think of including looking up the problem on google and windows help, But to no avail.
Please help me find a solution to our problem as most of the files we can’t copy are of my mother in law’s birthday and we would like to make her a copy of them.


Have you tried ISOBuster? There is a free version that you can download here:

This program should be able to get the files to the hard drive. Don’t know for certain that the free version will work though, as the commercial version has more capabilities.


Thank you, ISObuster was able to move the files and we have now been able to copy them to a DVD.