Problem with HL-DT-ST DVD-RAM-GSA-H55N



Hi there,
I m new here…i ve got the HL-DT-ST DVD-RAM-GSA-H55N drive…i got a brand new Sony DVD R the other day and tried it out…when i tried accessing the drive it says-“Incorrect Function Device is not accessible”…But on the other hand i AM able to access some DVDs like PUMA and also an original SIMPSONS(TV series) DVD which my friend gave me…

Please help me out here…


Needless to say that the most common DVD brands are not being recognized by my drive…why is this and wat do i do about it…?

Please help me out here people…!!


You have to use dedicated burning software to burn to the media. Blank media will produce that error in Windows Explorer because…the disc has nothing on it. :iagree: The drive should have come with Nero or something like that, and after writing to the disc with the proper software, you can access the data. :flower:


Tried that out…i burnt stuff onto the DVD using NERO and again tried it out…it still gives the same error message…is there a problem with the format or something…?By the Way i use Windows XP…And i dont find any error code in the device manager…