Problem with hival burner and 700mb cds



i have a hival 2242 cd-rw and it is suspose to support 700mb cds (aswell as overburning).. but if i try to burn a 700mb cd it will get stuck while closing the track and start spinning extreamly fast.. the only way i can get out of it is to power down my computer it wont eject the cd until i restart and this burner will usually eject a cd no matter what is using it.. this also happend when i tried to overburn a cd..

i have upgraded to the latest firmware but it didnt help... hival wont give me any assistance since my warranty expired a few months ago.. does any one know what might be causing this and how i might fix it?


According to Nero
Your burner should support overburning, if it fails can only suggest burner itself is faulty.