Problem with GSA-H55L

So I’m having a similar problem to others that have posted about this unit. I have tried to do SOME of the things described but am not at all computer savy. It reads CDs and DVDs fine but wont burn DVDs. From reading the other thread on this I can let you know I’m using an 80-wire flat IDE cable with nothing but this drive on that cable and the setting on the back of the drive set to “master”, have the firmware updated to 1.03. From there I’m lost. My primary IDE Channels are both set to “DMA if available”. My secondary are both set to DMA if available also. Although on both primary and secondary the Device 1 Current Transfer Mode says “Not Applicable”

I’m running Windows XP SP2 on an Abit kv7 motherboard with an AMD Athlon xp2900 1gb RAM if that helps. Any help would be great. I’m to the point of riping the thing out and stomping on it but just can’t afford to.


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With what program are you attempting to burn DVDs?

I use VSO softwares ConvertXtoDVD because I do torrent downloads and those files are AVI, MPEG etc and I have to convert them to DVD format. I also have Nero 8 to copy DVDs and non DVD programs. With ConvertX the process starts then tells me something like 1000 hours remaining in the burn. With Nero it will do maybe 5% then stops. Don’t know what to do.

Can you do a test burn with Nero CD-DVD Speed [guide here] and post the results?

[open the Create Disc tab highlighted in green, insert a blank DVD, click on start, and post a screenshot of the result, like the screen below? To capture a screenshot, click on the little floppy disc icon highlighted in red. To upload the screenshot, select “Manage attachments”, browse to the file on your computer, upload it, and submit the reply].

Tried to run the Disk Speed test with a blank DVD just now. Nothing happened. It didn’t even spin up the drive. Now the drive won’t even eject the disk without a restart. I’m at a total loss here. If I could take this garbage back and get a refund I would

A word of warning. If you, like me, don’t know anything about computers do your research before buying any hardware. Tossed a brand new burner in the trash today.