Problem with GSA-H20N DVD Writer


I have recently purchase a new DVD writer GSA-H20N and USB to IDE Cable for my laptop.

When i start burning DVD it get hangs in-between. i have tried so many
times it get hangs randomly. After that I tried to play video DVD that
also gets hang after some time.

When I restart m/c it detects DVD driver and start playing DVD but
after some time it automatically unpluged drive and stops reading it.

Can anyone help me to solve problem.


I have a similar problem with my usb on my sistem that has a Uli motherboard when I use a certain usb-ide converter… but this prblem does not appear when using an external enclosure form another manufacturer so it may be a bad combination between motherboard / usb controller.

Hello tpever and welcome to the forum,

I agree with Corbus - I have experienced problems like that too. Try the USB->IDE converter on another system and see if it works. If it does, it’s probably the USB chipset on your laptop that doesn’t agree with the USB->IDE converter. This might be a driver conflict as well. Uninstalling all USB drivers on your laptop and then plugging the converter in might also help.