Problem with GSA-E60L external drive



Brand new and not much of a forum type person but am hoping someone can help me here.

I have a GSA-E60L external DVD player/writer that works fine on everything I have in my collection of DVD’s.
My problem is that I have a friend who has made some musical DVDs from his home system that will not play on this unit.

The DVD’s he made will play on my machines at my workplace however.

When I put my friends DVD into the unit my burning software appears and treats the CD as if it were a blank recordable. It does not read any data on these disks at all

I’m using Windows XP pro



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I’ve moved your thread out of the Introduce Yourself thread, and into the main section of the Newbie forum. I’ve also added a more descriptive title in hopes that someone with more knowledge of the drive will chip in.

Welcome to the forum.

Edit: Apparently you didn’t find this thread I moved, and started a second one. To keep from getting answers in both, I’ll go ahead and close this one.