Problem with GSA-4166B

Just received my LG GSA-4166B and I am trying to burn a DVD of some shows I captured from my DVR.

I edited the project in Adobe Premiere and saved it to disk. I am now trying to burn it to DVD. I am using Roxio’s Disc Copier (From Roxio’s Creator 8 Suite) for the burning. The burn process starts out fine but about 1/2 way through the progress meter quickly runs up to 100%, I click OK and get the following error message:


Ok, so I then save my project as a disc image. When I try burning the disc image to the DVD, I get this error during the burn process:


Here’s the details of the error:

Thinking it was possibly a DL issue, I burned 5.3gb worth of data as a test and that worked fine.

Media: Verbatim DVD+R DL 8.5gb
Drive Firmware: 1.02
IDE Driver: 5.1.2600.2180

Does anyone have any possible solutions for me? Is it possible I have a bad drive?

I’m up to 4 coasters :sad:

Thank you.

Update that Roxio software.

It is updated to the latest version.

It can’t be the drive. If the drive is faulty, then burning that 5.3GB of data onto a DL disc should not have worked. The burning process for data and video is the same - the drive can’t tell the difference in what it is told to burn.

I’m not familiar with Roxio’s software but when you saved the project as a disc image, what format is it in? ISO? If you can save the disc image as an ISO, try using ImgBurn (, freeware) to burn the thing and see if it will work. That is considered about the best piece of software to use for burning DL discs at the moment.