Problem with gsa-4163b



Hello this is my first post, i really apreciate if you can help me
the problem is this, i bought this dvd witer a few months ago, since then i identified a list of problem, before i told you what problems i´ll tell you the dvd disk that i used lg, master-g y samsung

  1. i try to record about 40 dvds and only about 22 has succeded.
  2. Of the dvds that was succeded on recording some of then when i put in the dvd(lg), this dont recognized it(dont read). With other it takes a long of time in read.
    That are the main problems, sometimes dont write and sometimes dont read

I can tell you that the dvd is in master position connected with a cd writer in slave position.
And already check that both of them are in ultra dma mode
This is my situation if you tell me that i can probe upgrading the firmware please can you tell me how tu do it, cause i dont want to screw up

sorry if there are incoherence in the text cause mi natural language is not english. If you dont understand what i write i will try again


What is the brand of media you are using, and what software are you burning with?


i usually burn the dvds with nero or alcohol 120% and about the brand of media depend of the money that i have, but now i have master-g dvd +r 8x, before i bought lg dvd -r 8x and samsung 8x but dont remenber if is -r or +r


nobody has a answer to my problem???


Have you tried the drive in another computer?


Check the MID of your Master-G with DVD Identifier and please report back. Hopefully the MID is supported by the firmware. Upgrading to A105 is also recommended.


this is the report that give me the dvd identifier over the dvd+r master g 8x

Unique Disc Identifier : [DVD+R:YUDEN000-T02-000]

Disc & Book Type : [DVD+R] - [DVD+R]
Manufacturer Name : [Taiyo Yuden Co. Ltd.]
Manufacturer ID : [YUDEN000]
Media Type ID : [T02]
Product Revision : [Not Specified]
Blank Disc Capacity : [Not Supported By Method 2]
Recording Speeds : [1x-2.4x , 4x , 6x-8x]
[Method 2 Might Not Always Detect All Speeds]

[ DVD Identifier - ]


If those discs are genuine TY T02 then it won’t be them that’s giving you the problem. One thing to do , within Nero, is to set your book type to DVD-ROM. Unfortunately the LG does not support permanent bit setting but Nero will set it everytime you burn. In Burning Rom, Recorder , choose recorder (LG) & options. From the drop down select DVD-ROM for the book type.
Alcohol has the same functionality under Recording -> Recording.
This might help if your DVD player is not able to recognise DVD+R media. Just re-read & your trying to read in your LG burner so maybe this is not too helpful.

It always helps to ensure that your HD is not fragemented as bad fragmentation can affect the burning quality. Defragging on a regular basis is always wise. Some here suggest daily but I guess I do mine every 2 weeks or so.

Upgrading to A105 firmware is easy. Get the new firmware from the LG site & unzip & just run the exe. Some suggest booting in safe mode first which is probably sensible but at least make sure that nothing else is happening on your computer. Close any Explorer windows etc.

BTW your english is more understandable that some of that written by those whose first language is english. Just wish I could write as well in Spanish ( I guess) or whatever your natural language is.


thanks for all your help, i will try everything what you tell me, but i have a question about the firmware, you tell me that upgrade to A105 it´s no necesary upgrade before A101, A102, A103 and A104 or upgrading A105 is enough? I will do it in safety mode, doesn´t care if i have the dvd writer connected with a cd writer? it´s necesary connect on the secondary IDE controller?


Junpei, you can flash directly to A105, no matter where your drive is.

Btw, I never heard a brand Master-G. Can you check if its made in Japan. Also a real YUDEN000T02 should have a serial in the middle hub starting with TG00xxxx. If you can’t find the serial then it’s most likely fake and that’s why the media was giving you problems.


the serial that have in the middle of the hub is not starting with TG00xxx is EE01xx whell if its fake you that happen when you want to save money ^^, but before i git problem with this brand master-g i have problem with brand lg and samsung, i hope the upgrade of firmware help me with some of the problem


Unfortunately upgrading firmware will not help you if the media is fake. You need to get a good media. Your old LG and Samsung media could have different MID that is not fake and supported by the drive with an appropriate writing strategies.


i want to tell you what i did with mi dvd writer, well i upgrade the firmware to A105 and i really dont know how to probe if there are any change with respect to the past? and another question i dont know if this is always in this way but when i reboot the pc after upgrading the writer in safe mode , windows tell me that has found a new hardware(dvd writer) and install the driver, then i review “my pc”, and this is what appear with the dvd writer

Unidad DVD-RAM(G:) and down of this as a a little description tell “Unidad de CD”(CD unit)
it´s normal??

and the last comment and question(sorry for bothering guys) is i probe the brand media that i previusly record(before upgrade) with the dvd upgraded and theres no change, that´s what i ask how to know if the upgrade has some effect??
thanks for all your help before is really apreciated


The answer is: The 4163b is a piece of crap, that burns well only a few media. Throw it away as I will do soon.



Eres español¿


osea hablo español, pero soy de chile


Junpei, your problems are probably caused by the media you are using :

  1. Master-G
    From all evidence this appears to be fake Taiyo Yuden media.

  2. LG
    This comes in two types, one is pink or orange and the other is white and black.
    The pink and orange ones seem to be made by Prodisc and people have reported problems problems burning on these with the 4163B. Yes, that’s right - LG discs that won’t burn properly on an LG burner. Some people have no problems with them, others have problems with these. Quality seems to vary from batch to batch.

The black and white ones seem to be made by Daxon and have a Sony MID (at least the 8x +R ones anyway). These are quite good and burn quite nicely on a 4163B. I have used about 15 of these with no problems at all.

  1. Samsung
    Over the last few months of going through these forums, I have mostly only heard complaints about these discs (+R or -R, can’t remember exactly which). I have also talked to someone who has used Samsung’s DVD-RW discs on a Samsung DVD recorder and had lots of problems with them. Samsung media not working on a Samsung device. His problems went away when he switched to another brand of discs.

Here is a long list of media (DVD+R and DVD-R) that I have used with my 4163B that has worked for me :

a. Verbatim Datalifeplus 8x DVD+R pearl top MID : MCC003
b. Verbatim 5 Color Collection 4x DVD+R MID : YUDENT00-T02, sometimes YUDENT00-T01
e. Ricoh 16x DVD+R MID : RICOHJPNR03
f. Fujifilm 8x DVD+R (Made in Japan) MID : YUDENT00-T02
f. Fujifilm 8x DVD-R (Made in Japan) MID : TYG02
g. Sony 16X DVD+R (Made in Japan) MID : SONYD21
h. LG black and white 8x DVD+R MID : SONYD11
i. Imation I-Crystal 8x DVD+R MID : CMCMAGE01

Just in case you think only good quality media works on this drive, here are some poor quality discs I have tried that worked (but who knows how long the discs will last) :
a. “Pinky Stripe” Mitsubishi 8x DVD+R MID : MCC003 (the edges of these discs are rot off)
b. Melody 4x DVD+R MID : MEDIA-ID-001 (the edges of these discs rot off)
c. Emtec 4x DVD-R MID : VDSPBM001

Try and pick better quality media and it should give you much better results. The cheaper ones may be able to burn, but the discs may not last. Two of the three cheaper ones I’ve used have the edges of the discs rotting off after a few months.

As for how to tell if A105 works better, the only way is to burn discs before you flash to A105 and then burn the same type of discs with A105. The do quality scans on both and compare. Don’t worry about this now. Just get your drive to burn properly first.


thanks karangguni has been really clear your explanation, i will test that brand that is listed
thanks again