Problem with gsa 4163B



My GSA-4163B can’t seem to read any blank DVD’s. I’ve tried different types of discs and it doesn’t detect it… what can I do?


What exactly are you trying to do? Reading a blank dvd is impossible, unless you first format it with packet writing software or use a dvd burning application such as Nero. It should detect the dvd after a couple of seconds (sometimes up to half a minute).
Some more information about what you do and what goes wrong would help.


Are you using Nero Burning Rom to write to the blank DVD disks? Maybe you can post some screenshots of your desktop to share your problems.


When I try burning using Nero or Burnatonce, it says there is no media detected. I am able to detect and burn blank cd’s (r/rw) but my drive can’t seem to detect my DVD’s. I’m trying sony DVD-RW if it matters

EDIT, I’m using the A100 firmware, should I try updating the firmware?


You should most definitely update to A104.
Perhabs the media-ID of your DVD-RW media is not recognized by your old FW version.



Thanks, the firmware update solved it!