Problem with GSA-4082B. Unable to recover TOC

I am using a GSA-4082B DVD writer.
Everything is fine until I update the firmware from a201 to a209 then I started to realise that i have ruined my DVD writer.
I have already wasted 9 of my DVD-R.
i am using Nero 7 demo, everytime the cashed bit is finished, the problem of unable to recover TOC appear. The problem appears at exactly 3% everytime. Can anyone please tell me what’s going wrong? If possible, can anyone provide me the original A201 firmware? I have found dangerous brother patched one but i am not sure whether it’s ok or not and I dun know how to install in as it said i need to do that under dos.

I think you should use better/recommended media.

The original A201 firmware binary is posted on our site.

It is only available as a binary, and can be flashed under DOS. You need to boot the computer in DOS and use the command line in the form described in the README.TXT file. The DOS flasher is bundled in the A201 RPC1 download.

Brother Vlad