Problem with golden gun

I am trying to make a back up of Bond-Man with the golden gun special edition region 1. I am using Any DVD and Clone DVD 2
It continues to give me an error druing creating files.

Playing it with Win DVD also freezes picture and audio becomes choppy during chapter 21. Plays fine on standalone player, with slight pause at same part (maybe layer switch).

Could this be an AnyDVD problem? I have tried to play on both of my drives with the same results.

also, disc works fine when played on my laptop, which does not have AnyDVD on it.

Please try AnyDVD 5 and CloneDVD 2.8

updated, but still having the same problem, during recording with CloneDVD and during playback with WinDVD.

I had the same problem with this movie…
I suspect there was a huge batch released with original mastering errors.
If you run a CRC test on the DVD’s you can’t Clone, you’ll find, they all have errors starting at about Chapter 21.

Anyway…After trying 3 different DVD’s from 3 different local rental shop’s…
I went online and finally found one without any errors and I was able to Clone it beautifully!

Good luck!