Problem with GGC-H20L using SATA card



Hello, I am having a problem using the SATA card that has been recommended using this optical drive. I flashed it under the Device Manager and it seemed alright, but then I rebooted and Windows found more drivers for it and then it won’t tell the properties for it under the Silicon Image SATA Controllers. Also, it won’t read my the LG blueray drive. What did I do wrong? It also won’t let me update the system bios using the windows c:prompt. It says, No Sata Storage Device Detected!. Thanks.


I want to add that the card I’m referring to is the Syba Silicon Image Sil 3114 SATAlink Controller.


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Can you tell us exactly what you flashed, and provide a screen shot of how device manager looks [as far as the SATA card is concerned]?


For comparison, here are some screenshots of my Syba SiI 3114 from the Device Manager.

Chip: SST 28SF010
BIOS v5.4.03, date 9-22-2006
Driver v, date 4/10/2008


Well, I can say that after I flashed the card and rebooted Windows, it still didn’t read the LG blu-ray drive. I uninstalled it and now can’t get the drivers to reinstall. Also, the screen shot you have here is what I had before I flashed it. I flashed both BIOSs. I think I need an updated card or something for this blu-ray drive.


Also, I do still have those same screens but all the info is blank. It’s weird.


You need to flash the card bios in DOS with a floppy, follow the instructions from the SIL web site. Looks like you had a bad flash.


I think that may be it. I can’t seem to get my old external floppy drive to work. Is there anyway to boot off a cd into DOS? When I unhook the Blu-ray drive, it says the card is installed correctly with no errors, but when I hook up the Blu-ray drive, it calls the card a Mass Storage Controller. Then, when I try to install the latest driver on the site, it says it cannot find a better driver for it than the one already installed. I’m so frurstrated.


Do you have a hard drive you can connect to the SYBA card? If so, try flashing it with a hard drive connected and the optical drive disconnected.


Unfortunately the other hard drive that I have is external USB. The real problem I was having hooking it up to the mob was only that it wouldn’t read a blu-ray disc. All other functions were great. Then I got to reading these forums and folks saying I needed a SYBA SATA card. Well, is that the only solution, I mean, it just seems my existing mob needs just some drivers or something for it to read the blu-ray disks. Would Power DVD make my drive read the blu-ray disks. If so, I will try that if you thank it would. It would say DVD-RAM drive before a blu-ray disk was entered, then it would say CD-ROM when a blu-ray disk was entered. What could be causing it to say Mass Storage Controller? Thanks dude.


Power DVD worked for me, I also installed AnyDvd. I coppied a Blu-ray movie to my hard drive (Terminator) but how do I play it with Power Dvd? I am sending the PCI Sata card back. I don’t need it. Thanks Cdan and others for all your help.


If you are using PowerDVD 8 you will need to make an ISO of your Blu-ray disc and mount it, then play with PowerDVD 8.

So your motherboard have an Intel SATA controller? Mine has 3 intel SATA ports but I used them up for harddrives so I’m using the Syba SiI 3114 for my other two BD and DVD burners. If you haven’t send your PCI Sata back, make sure you try it with a couple BD movies just to make sure.