Problem with German Movie-DVD

I have the German film “Der kleine Eisbär” and would like by it a copy to put on!I use CloneDVD and AnyDVD in the most current versions! If I insert the DVD get I an error message of AnyDVD, which all CSS keys cannot be cracked!Then I try to put on a copy with CloneDVD, go also, only in the DVD Player come it to picture/clay/tone misfire!It is original a DVD and 2002 was produced!

which anydvd version you have
send all ifo’s to slysoft the support is the best

I used CloneDVD and AnyDVD! Is that the function the log file writes and then to Slysoft sends?Can the log file is sent automatically or indicate I the log file here in the forum?Is a text file?

Set your drive to Region 2 and try again. Or transfer the correct CSS keys from another drive / computer.

I tried it again!The DVD does not run error free!There is still picture misfires!
In addition I tried it at another PC and did not run it also error free!Am I to put the text file of AnyDVD into here in the forum?(Log file)

Check AnyDVD CSS Archive, probably you need to delete it and re-insert the DVD.

Ok Olli! I delete archives of AnyDVD with CSS keys!I insert the DVD again and AnyDVD try the CSS keys to crack!Then again the error message the AnyDVD does not come all CSS keys to crack can!Then I try to put on again with CloneDVD a copy, go also!I put the DVD into the DVD Player!The first 10 minutes runs the film error free!But afterwards again tone misfire arises!After 15 minutes then also image interferences arise!Because of my DVD burner it cannot be, to that without errors up to now always burned!

Once again: Please set your DVD drive to Region 2 (I assume, the Eisbaer movie is region 2)