Problem with gbw h20L

I installed my new drive and cant play blu ray movies on power dvd. it says i need to upgrade my bluray player. I have bd advisor and evrything is good except video connection says digiatal without hdcp. if you get info on that it says

"ATI (minumum requirements): ATI Radeon X1600 series, X1800 series,
X1900 series "

I have a ati radeon x1650 with the newest drivers installed. I tried to go to lgs site and see if there is any upgrades but they dont even have it listed anywhere

please help

What version of PowerDVD are you using?

Can you post a screen shot of BD Advisor please?

[QUOTE=MegaDETH;2146586]What version of PowerDVD are you using?

Can you post a screen shot of BD Advisor please?[/QUOTE]

Version 7.3, i alos dl the newest patch for it

here is a screen shot

when i try to play a video in power dvd the warning message pops up and says

fail to enable hdcp please switch to anolog output (vga,d-sub)and try again
(error code=0110)

the message on the sreen for power dvd says what i wrote in the first post.

ok i changed the vga cable and now bd advisor is all green but when i play the video all i get is a black screen with no messages…


The BD Advisor suggested that your monitor is not HDCP compliant.

If you want to go analog, use the native VGA output (not with DVI/VGA adapter) on both video card and monitor.

If you want to use DVI but don’t want to upgrade your monitor, try AnyDVD HD (21 days trial).

ok, now i tried another bluray and this one worked, first one was the happening and it played fine on my ps3 , when i put in dont mess with the zohan this one worked, anyone know why sone wont play in the player?

Might be two issues:

  • it’s possible that PowerDVD 7 doesn’t support new movies very well, or it was just cranky at that time. The latest PowerDVD is version 8 by the way.

  • Your video card (X1650) is on the edge for hi-def video processing, it’s possible that the new movie you’re trying to watch and gave you blank screen uses VC1 and AVC codecs which need more processing power than MPEG2.

Click here to see similar problem: PowerDVD Plays Blu-Ray Audio, but no video!. Some good infos in page 2.