Problem with Fuji -R blanks



Hi, I have been using verbatim -R single layer blanks for a long time with no problems. However, I opened a pkg. of Fuji -R blanks & proceeded to make a backup on my Sony RDR-GX7 recorder. I was using a backup as the play disc. For some unknown reason the Sony started to backup my disc, then flashed the “disc dirty” message, then stopped the recording. I cleaned the disc & put it back in again. About 45 seconds later same message appears. OK, I got a fresh Fuji blank, washed it, and proceeded to try again. Same message appears after about 45 seconds.

OK, this time I used my other Sony recorder- (same model) to find out if recorder # 1 had a problem. I got the same message again. OK, I put in a Fuji +RW blank and the recorder makes the backup no problem.

Now I want my +rw disc back so I turn on my PC and put the backup in the drive. I click on clone and get a message stating there is damage to the disc?? Clone says it can’t read the disc so I can’t proceed.

Lastly, I found a Verbatim -R blank so I stuck it into the Sony recorder. Guess what- it makes a perfect backup copy of my backup.

I am very confused. I have not seen the odd message Clone gave me. I have the latest versions of AnyDvd & Clone and have had no problems with any recordings from Clone or my DVD recorders. Can someone help me out on this one? I sure don’t know how a new pkg. of -R Fuji’s can cause all this trouble. Thanks all. :frowning:


sounds to me that the fuji-r are crap media

whats the MID of these fiji’s ?


Sorry, What does MID stand for?


you can get the MID of your disc’s from cd/dvd speed disc info tab (found HERE )


I don’t use Nero. I did return the Fuji’s to the store and bought Verbatims. I have made a backup from the source and will now see if Clone reproduces it with a Fuji blank as I have almost 100 of the open pkg.


cd/dvd speed is a free program, you don’t need nero to use it, just download it from the link i gave you

the verbatims should be good :iagree:


Thanks. OK, I recorded material onto a Verbatim blank from the source. 2) I used Clone to make another backup using a Fuji -R disc. This time it worked fine. I then put the Fuji disc into the sony recorder & played it. All is well. It seems that the PC is OK with Fuji blanks, but the Sony recorders just don’t like burning a Fuji disc. That’s OK. Lesson learned. I will stick with Verbatim blanks. :slight_smile:


glad you’ve got it fixed :slight_smile:


I have been backing up my DVD’s for about 2 years now… For the last 8 months or so I have been using Fuji-R dvds with no problems. Just yesterday I tried to do 3 movies and none of the movies would work in my home DVD player, they will only work on the PC DVD player… Do you think with the newer movies you must have a newer DVD player to be able to play them once they are backup’ed? Or did I just be a bad bunch of Fuji’s?? Like I said they work fine on the PC but not on my home DVD… Weird cause I’ve never had a problem before… Anyone one have any ideas?



liquidmc420 -

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Most likely your problem is related to the blank DVD Media you used.

Unfortunately Fuji doesn’t actually manufacture the DVD Media that they market under the Fuji Brand Name but subcontract to various DVD Media manufactures. Usually they subcontract with reliable DVD Media manufactures but sometimes they market DVD Media that the quality is less than desirable.

To find out who actually manufactured your questionable Fuji DVD Media use a utility software program similar to DVD Identifier ( or DVDInfo ( to acquire the MID (Manufacture ID and Media Code) of the DVD Media. I believe that if you closely compare a DVD copied to Fuji Media that works correctly and a DVD copied to Fuji Media that doesn’t work correctly you will find that the Fuji Media was either manufactured by a different manufacturer or has a different MID Media Code.

Another thing to check is the Firmware version of your DVD Burner. To ensure quality error free results it is important to ensure that your DVD Burner has the newest most current up to date Firmware available.

To achieve quality error free results suggest obtaining known proven quality DVD Media such as Verbatim or Taiyo Yuden. Suggest viewing the CF Freaks Blank Media Forum ( for detailed information on quality DVD Media.



Thanks for the welcome! Do you have any idea on how I can find out which type of burner I am using without taking the computer apart? Maybe it’s my firmware cause I have been using Fujifilm for ever and I have used half of this pack without problems till now. I think I may which to another band neways… Thanks for the help BTW!


you can find it device manager>cd/dvd drives


It says it is a standard dvd/cd drive (maybe that is the problem)…? Can I get firmware updates for a standard no name drive?


try [B]cd/dvd speed [/B] and see what that says, if not [B]dvdinfo pro [/B] will tell you, hopefully


Under drive info in DVDinfo Pro, it says TSSTCORP CD/DVDW TS-H552. Does this tell me anything?


to be honest, i’m not sure, you can ask in this forum for more help with your burner


liquidmc420 -

TSSTCORP is translated to mean Toshiba Samsung Storage Technology Corporation. Your TSSTCORP CD/DVDW TS-H552 is a Toshiba TS-H552. Unfortunately there appears to be a couple of different Model Numbers of the Toshiba TS-H552 (A, B, C, D, U). The following CD Freaks Forum posting explains ( Suggest visiting the Samsung DVD Burner Forum ( for assistance with identifying the correct most current up to date Firmware for your Toshiba TS-H552 DVD Burner.

Although ensuring your Toshiba TS-H552 DVD Burner Firmware is up to date is important it appears that you are overlooking that fact that your Fuji Media could be the cause of your problem. Strongly suggest acquiring known proven quality DVD Media such as Verbatim or Taiyo Yuden. There have been CD Freaks Forum postings concerning the quality and reliability of recently purchased Fuji Media. This posting thread is an example. Just because in the past your Fuji Media provided acceptable results is no indication that you will in the future obtain the same results.