Problem with Free~



Hi, all…

I found some problem on memory-free codes.
Please look at attached captured picture file.

If I make a call of NeroDone() at once after calling NeroClearErrors(),
the program might go down with an error from time to time.

So I insert 1 sec. delay between them, and no more problem is raised.
Do you have any idea about this symptom, or any comment for me?

Thank you~ :slight_smile:


I never experienced what you described.

What do you mean by “the program might go down with an error from time to time”? Does it throw an exception? If so, what exception is thrown and from where?



Thank’s for your concern for this symptom.

Now, the error have been not raised for several days, so I cannot make sure the description of error now, but I guess it was software broken error, not thowing exception.

In addition, the error is occured at NeroDone() from time to time, and it seems to be depended on test set - even though the environment of each set configuration is exactly same. That’s too abnormal. I can’t find any clue.

Can you get any hint?


Sorry, but I do not have any idea given this scanty information. Maybe anyone else can help you, or you can repost when you can reproduce the error.