Problem with forced subtitles for multiple titles




I have a very specific problem with the forced subtitles option behaviour when converting multiple titles from the same DVD source to H264/AC3.

I am using of DVDFab.

The problem is that the “forced subtitles” option only stays checked for the first title in the stream. So any subsequent titles will be encoded with full subtitles.

For example -

I am converting Bones Series 2 Disk 1 to H264. Episode 1 (Title 2) will have correctly forced subtitles but episodes 2/3/4 (Titles 3/4/5) will have full subtitles rendered to the video because the option will not stay checked.

Therefore, I have to either convert each title seperately, or not have a subtitle stream in any of the titles.

I think this may be a bug - has anybody else seen this behaviour?




Don’t think I’ve ever seen a TV episode disc with forced subs, but I don’t have this one to test with. I’ll see if I can find it and give it a try.


I have the region 1 DVD of Bones, Season 2 Disc 2, which has episodes 5,6,7 and 8. Couldn’t find Disc 1, but will keep looking. The only forced subpics in episodes 5 and 6 are the Spanish ones for signs and other printed or displayed material (see the screen capture below). Are these the ones you want? None of the speech subtitles are forced, at least according to DVDSubEdit. None of the English streams are forced either. I will check the other episodes and see if they are the same. The authoring on this DVD is a little strange in that the stream IDs for the subpictures change from episode to episode, which may be what is causing the no display problem.


Hi Signals,

Thanks for your effort and comments.

Maybe I need to clarify things.

The problem is not that I necessarily want to get forced subtitles to appear, more that I end up getting full subtitles because the forced check box doesn’t stay checked.

I have a EVA8000 at home so I normally encode DVDs before watching them, so I am never sure whether there are forced subtitles or not. Prison Break Season 3 is a great example, as there is a lot of Spanish spoken with English subtitles. As far as I am concerned these would be forced.

Are you saying that DVDFab will only keep the forced subtitles checked if it finds any?

With the original Bones S1 D1 example. On the first title I was able to select the English subtitle stream and checked forced subtitles.

On the next 3 titles the forced checkbox did not stay checked so I ended up getting full English subtitles.

My problem is that by default I always keep forced subtitles checked as you never know what languages are going to be usedin the show, but now I end up getting full subtitles because the check box doesn’t stay checked.




I think I understand–you are using the checkbox as a filter to catch any if they are there but prevent the full subpicture stream from being processed. This should work if you check the box on the Conversion Settings screen for each title. The “Forced only” box is not part of the xml profile so clicking “Set as Default” may not “remember” it, but the UI memory checkbox might, I’ve never tried it. The last TV disc I processed for myself didn’t have any subs at all, so I wouldn’t have noticed if the box was becoming unchecked. I’ll try it with a couple of these Bones episodes when I have time.


Yeah, that’s exactly right.

It’s a bit of a pain because I batch convert over night and come the morning I have 1 title with forced (most of the time there’s none anyway) susbitles and then all subsequent titles with full subtitles!


This looks like a bug. I cannot even get it to remember the subpicture selections for each title. If I select the Spanish subpicture for each, then go back through to check, all the subpicture boxes are blank. I have sent the authors a link to this thread.


Thanks Signals,

At least it means I am not going mad :eek:


LOL no more than usual. :slight_smile: Ting sent me a PM that he has put this on his list to check. Be patient and watch the release notes for the next couple of updates to see if it is mentioned.