Problem with floppy emulation on CDROM

I have these utility CDROMs that I made some time ago and use all of the time. They have the win98 floppy boot on them and boot as drive A from a CD. The mini-Win98 runs and opens the CDROM as drive C and I can run whatever content I have on the rest of the CDROM.

I’m building a new system using an Intel DG965RY motherboard. This is a SATA system that also has one ATA channel along with legacy keyboard and mouse. The CDROM is ATA. The system is great, except that my utility disks don’t work. The Oak driver can’t find the CDROM. I even tried booting from a win98 floppy and it doesn’t work either. I tried a different CDROM (Plextor) with no luck.

Is there some BIOS thing that I missed during setup or is this just something I’m going to have to get used to on new systems?