Problem with flashed Phillips 8601



I successfully flashed a pair of 8601’s to Benq 1620 f/w about a week ago. Everything was great until my last couple of DVD burns. The slave unit burns and plays normally, but the master does not.

It burns fine, but then, in a truly bizarre twist of fate, it can’t play back the discs it burns through any program on my computer I have to play dvd’s. The discs play great in the other burner as well as my dvd player downstairs. I’m using Ritek R04 media on a Dell 8400 with 2g of RAM, and I usually employ Nero Show Time as my virtual movie player.

Discs burnt in the other burner (slave) play in the misbehaving one (master) as well, it’s only dvd’s made in the player itself that it has trouble playing. Weird, huh? I have previously made many discs in the master burner with no problems. And these earlier burns continue to play well in this odd drive, it’s only the last two that are acting funny.

For the sake of argument, I’ve tried flashing the drive to B7L9 to reset it and flashing it back to B7P9 with no change. I could go to the most recent f/w, but I just don’t think it matters that much. My guess is it’s a slightly malfunctioning drive, but I wanted to throw this info out to get second opinons.

In a nutshell, the drive can’t read the discs it burns now, even though the discs themselves are O.K.

Any comments or suggestions are most appreciated. Thanks very much.


The discs aren’t closed or there is end-of-disc corruption of some sort. Check for data file integrity issues or a bad cable. Philips 8601 is not a BenQ 1620 (but some are). There is a slight difference (not true in all cases). Firmware M9 may work well as it is a pre-pro firmware (more generic) that also facilitates fast operation. BenQ 1620 firmware P9 and above does not contain complete support for Philips 8601 drives that are true to Philips specs.

Now this is just a shot in the dark, but you might try Philips 1640 version 3.2 firmware (just put any 1640 firmware on and then upgrade to 3.2). This IS excellent firmware and will make a difference. I could not tell you if it will make the necessary difference. This firmware does not work quite right on all 1620s, but it does work. I wonder if it has the necessary support for your Phillips 8601?

For an even worse shot in the dark try firmware 47L9 (NOT N9!!) for the BenQ EW162I. This firmware, for an external 1620 (mostly same as 1620-pro P9), addresses many IDE connectivity issues–So if your issue is related to connectivity/compatibility with the easily-irritated Nexperia IDE interface, then this UDMA mode 3 firmware may help. Of course, if this firmware does help, then you’ve probably got a bad IDE cable. :wink:

If all else fails, load factory Philips 8601 firmware and then diagnose connectivity issues or explore RMA/return options.


I appreciate your thoughts. I have searched fairly extensively with no luck so far, do you know the specifics of how I can flash back to the original Phillips f/w? I’ve been looking for a pertinent thread on this operation to no avail. Not much has ever been said on this topic, at least that I can find. Thanks. :bow: