Problem with FLAC codec

Hello all

I’m currently trying out the GOM Media Player and I’m hoping I can get it to play FLAC files. I tried the ‘find codec’ feature the player has and it offered me no results so out of desperation I tried to install the codec separately, so I downloaded it from soundforge but each time I try to install I get an error saying there’s a problem with that file and my operation syste (XP Pro).

Can anyone help with a possible solution?


Try VLC instead, it’ll happily play flacs…Or WinAmp, SMplayer, or [I]my[/I] personal favorite audio player, foobar2k…
And FWIW, it’s never a good idea to keep installing codecs “out of desperation”…:wink:

Thanks for the advice, I’ll go back to foobar, I tried that before.

Oh and I wouldn’t just install any old piece of trash, the FLAC codec is tried and tested, I’ve used it for years in conjunction with other tools, but for some reason this time it wouldn’t install.