Problem with Firmware for Sony DRU-800A



I dont understand one of the instructions Sony has for the firmware update :eek:

If you are using the DRU-800A, disable [DMA setting] in Windows before executing firmware update. For details, refer to [Help and Support] in Windows.

The instructions above came from the sony web site, what does it mean -disable DMA setting in Windows- they said if i dont do this the dvd drive could stop working properly.

I tried the help and support but it didn’t help me. Can someone please help me understand this ???


DMA is the mode the drive is operating in. It is common for manufacturers to recommend switching the drive to the older and more stable PIO mode when performing a firmware update, however this isn’t a necessity. I flashed my drives numerous times in DMA mode and it is still working fine.

If you really want to disable DMA (= switch the mode to “PIO only”), then read this sticky. Be sure to re-enable it once you have completed the upgrade.



Thank You Thom that helped me