Problem with firmware B7T9 (Format UDF)


I’m french and i don’t speak very well english.

I’ve flashing my Benq 1620 with firmware works fine if i burn in ISO9660 mode.if i burn a DVD in UDF mode i can read the small files but i can’t read the big files (> 2Go) ----> CRC ERROR.I’ve trying with differents medias (good quality) and it’s the same.

I’ve reflashing with B7P9 and it’s good.

Do you know this problem with B7T9 firmware ?


I have never heard of this problem before with B7T9 firmware. I have two BenQ DW1620 drives and both of them are using B7P9. This may be one more reason why I will keep my two drives on B7P9 for the time being. I wonder if anyone else has experienced the same problem as you with B7T9?


my friend have the same problem with this firmware.

anyone can confirm this problem?

Come on all you B7T9 firmware users out there. Can any of you check to see if a DVD burned in UDF will allow you to read any of the files that are over 2GBs in size? Maybe some of you can either deny or confirm this “bug”?


Just out of curiosity, what software are you using to burn your DVD-ROM discs in UDF? Also, what version of UDF (i.e. - 1.02, 1.50, 2.00, 2.01) are you using when burning those discs?

If you use Nero Burning ROM (I use version, there’s an option to burn a DVD-ROM in UDF/ISO mode. I don’t see why you need to burn a DVD-ROM using only UDF. Maybe that will solve you and your friend’s problem when using B7T9 firmware on your BenQ DW1620 drive. It’s worth a try. Let us know if that works.

i use nero and the version 1.02 of UDF.

I can’t use UDF/ISO mode because i’ve a big file > 2Go.Nero write an error message
—> Use UDF mode for burn this file.


I see. Well, at least it’s one option that you can eliminate. Sorry I can’t help you further as I don’t use B7T9 firmware.

Why don’t you just keep using the B7P9 firmware for now as you said you flashed back to it and are having success with UDF discs?

I just burned a Acronis image using the Nero UDF methode. The file was >4GB and burned with my Benq 1620 firmware version B7T9. I could mount the file and got no errors. Just scanned the disk, no read errors.

Maybe you have to do a new clear install of Nero. Is there other burning software installed??

I thought that some file formats had limits to the size of files on them.

It could be possible that UDF1.05 has the similar file size limit that FAT has, but that it will not read any file that is bigger than 2GB (Remeber that DVD files are split into 1GB chunks)

Just a thought.