Problem with Finding Nemo Collector's Edition

I’m getting an error from AnyDvd


AnyDVD is unable to crack all the CSS on this disk!
AnyDVD will guess the correct CSS key , but its possible,
that one or more of the titles on this disk will not play correctly.

You can check the AnyDVD CSS archive from the AnyDVD
settings window.

Anybody have any ideas, thanks. This occurs on both disks.

Can you copy the disc? Also try the latest version of DVD Decrypter.

I will try and make a backup of the disk. Just saw a strange error, that I have never seen before. Just wanted to make sure it is safe to try the disk, and let Olli know about this potential problem. I also noticed a strange line around the outer part of the disk. Its on both disks, and these DVD’s are in very good condition, with the 2nd disk being new.

You can ignore this error, or you can set the region of your drive to match your disc.

Won’t help much, DVD Decrypter will show a similar error.

Just set the region of your drive to match your disc {(I had the same problem, tried seting the region and worked, also restarting the drive to no region, got the “…crack the css key” i ignored it an it work also)}, use clone cd, make an image, load the image in virtual drive and work from it with any burning software.
Another thing I’ve found is not burning the files to a DVD-+ right away, buy making an ISO image and then burning it. So far I have backed up all my movies… Reg 1, 4 etc.