Problem with FIFA2002

I have problem with running fifa2002 in WinMe
I have a cloneCD version of image
I try use DeamonsTool 2.88 and I can’t run fifa:(
I burn it on CDR-W on Liteon 24102B and not work
But when I restart my computer with WinXP everything
work OK. My CDR-W copy and ISO mounted by DeamonsTool

Anybody have same problems?
What can’I do with it?

To play I use DVD-ROM Toshiba SD-1220
because on CD-R writer this game not work

Please help me.

repair with cdmage ( or else redownload :()

I just installed it, used UnSafeDisc V2.40.10 to make a crack for it. Then copy everything to a new “disc” using Adaptec Easy CD Creator 5, added the crack, burned it, and voila, it worx.

I didn’t use Betablocker or any other progs (I also DIDN’T use CloneCD!!!)

Hope this helps

Originally posted by Wingman
Hope this helps
Don’t think so because he d/l’ed the CloneCD image…

Simply burn it with cloneCD, and then use my steps, duh :smiley:

Originally posted by Wingman
Simply burn it with cloneCD, and then use my steps, duh :smiley:
Ok but what’s the point in owning a capable SafeDisc 2 writer, burning an image and then decide to crack it… Doesn’t make sense… The LiteOn should be able to do it without any problems… Use only Fast Error Skip checked and read retries to 0 (thanks FutureProof for pointing this out).

If your burner does support SafeDisc 2 copying, then maybe you should update the firmware, like it is said on CD-Freaks main site. If you still can’t get it to work, then you should try the crack method! I only used the because my burner doesn’t support Encoding of Regular Bitpatterns :o .
And if you get a lot of errors when you read it, then your drive doesn’t support Fast Error Skip (my teac 12x10x32x, and my pioneer DVD slot-in don’t) Then wait a long time (I had to wait for an hour) Look at the log, and the errors should only go to sector 10490. 11000 Max, if it’s getting more errors, then you have a broken copy of FIFA. BTW. He is getting a working copy, but it only works in XP, so maybeeeee the crack is neccesary for WinME, or there is an update/patch to run it on WinME:cool:

Confused :confused: I hope not!!
ps. (to diablo22) If it does work on your burner, and not on your reader, try to install it with your reader, in the registry it looks up form which drive it is installed!

Downloading images is a sure fire way to earn yourself problems. Advertising the fact pisses me off. Most of the fools who come looking for advice about their downloaded image have no idea of the data integrity, the read settings involved or worse, if there’s a virus embedded in the file. You don’t hear about this because you’d feel bloody stupid telling people about it, when it happens.

The first rule of thumb with a bad burn is to load your shiny new original disc back into the reader and do it again. If you can’t do that then stick to the warez forums.