Problem with external enclosure and liteon 1673



i just bought a chronos external enclosure F/W for my new liteon 1673.The problem is tha the burner doesn’t read and write over 8.8x.
Can anybody help me?
thanks in advance


Is that USB 2.0 or firewire?


firewire.The burst rate with nero is 16MB (using HD).when i connect the burner it says “genesys logic 1394 to ide sbp2”.
I tried the jumper to all possible positions but nothing.
Anything that i can do?

Help !!!


Sounds like you are quite limited. because your drive is not on a native IDE channel, external enclosure has to convert all the data back and forth. a tedious task. try removing all otherdevices from that Firwire port and them burning to the drive.


@ g_greek
You said you could burn at 8x, just not OVER 8x speed? Viper5700 is correct, you are limited by the 16Mb/s transfer rate speed. 8x burn speed is 11Mb/s and 16x speed is 22Mb/s. I am not sure if you are limited by your enclosure’s chip or your OS specs/configuration…what OS are you using? Is your 1394 port native to your motherboard or is it an add-on card? You may find more help in The big external enclosures thread


i use win2000 and aTI’s 8500 Allinwonder firewire port.I think that i should try it on another PC.
The enclosure has 2 fiirewire connectors behind.If i connect it (2 cables) with my PC(2 different ports) ,is there any possibility to double the speed?(i think that is a bit stupid :))

thanks again !!!


dvd-r ritek xtreme 8x


“is there any possibility to double the speed?”

i think it will be more messed up as it already is…

windows 2000 or the drivers can be a problem. are there the latest/newest firewire drivers on your pc?
does the enclosure have an usb2m port? try to connect it via usb to your pc…


yes latest fw drivers.It doesn’t have usb2 port.
any way thank you very much for all the replies :wink:
I will burn my dvdz at 8x.No problem


Today i tried my friend’s vi-power external case usb2.0 with excellent results and burst rate 22MB/sec.
Mine doesn’t go over 11MB/sec (firewire) and i still can’t figure out why.I sent a e-mail to chronos but i don’t think that will have a result.
Their case just SUCKS !!!
If you have any ideas please reply me.
Thank you vevry very much!


The chip is genesyslogic GL711 and can be updated


Hi geocha,

I also have an external case with Genesys Logic GL711 chip, and that’s a quiet slow with my hard disk in it.

How can we update the firmware of that chip? I searched on the official Genesys Logic homepage and other pages, but I cannot find any firmware update to this GL711 chip.

Thanks for the helping.


:confused: Sorry,nothing to do about it!There is nothing that can make it faster :a .I asked chronos and told me that is the max that can do


That chip is a crap! :Z

Moreover I purchased that external case quiet expensively. I bought a Welland ME-740 external case as well, it’s much cheaper, and it has Prolific chipset (USB2/Firewire combo), and it’s flashable.

Thanks for your answer.