Problem with European DVD

I got married in Europe and have a European wedding DVD. I cannot play it in my Panasonic DVD player (nor any other home DVD player - says “Unsupported”), but I can on my HP laptop. I assume it is because of region coding because the videographer sent PAL and NTSC versions - neither works.

I tried burning the wedding DVD using my laptop (onto DVD-R) - thinking the burned version would be playable on any DVD player, but its not. Again, it works on the laptop, but not home DVD players.

Any suggestions would be extremely welcome. Thanks in advance!

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Probably the problem is not a regional set, but the video format. It’s only an hypothesis, but it can be that your movie is recorded in PAL mode and your standalone is instead able to read only NTSC mode.

IMHO the Region Code is a marketing snafu developed by the studios for no other reason than to place more barriers by releasing certain films for certain markets only. Like certain European cars are not imported into the US etc.

I would tend to side with Geno yet I would expect that the player would try and play the dvd as a vcr would except you would get rolling as the line count between PAL and NTSC are not the same. So each frame is missing a number of lines and the TV would compensate by loading the incomplete frame causing it to roll.

I don’t know how DVDFab deals with PAL and NTSC, for tapes I have a Samsung whcih converts on the fly from PAL/NTSC and SECAM (including the ME versions) as well as PAL L/M used in Brazil and Argentina. If it’s not done in hardware is my point, converting from one format to another via software is a very tedious and extremely long process.

I’m sure Fengtao can shed more light on this.

Suggestion: Put the NTSC DVD into the drive on your PC (where it plays) but do not start your player. If the autorun options box comes up, tell it to open a folder to view files. To play in most standalone players the DVD_VIDEO(or other name) folder must have TWO subfolders, one called AUDIO_TS which strangely enough should be empty, and one called VIDEO_TS that contains files with suffixes like IFO,BUP, and VOB. In most cases if DVDFab will analyze the disc without error, it should produce a playable copy. Some players require +R discs, others -R, newer ones play both. Make sure you have the right kind of media for your player.


You mean the disc is mixed with PAL and NTSC content? If so, standalone DVD player should have problem to play it.

I suggest you copy only the PAL content using “Main Movie” or “Customize” of DVDFab, and try it to see the result.

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