Problem with Episode DVDs

Hi guys, apologies if I have got the wrong thread but I’m new to all this and could do with some friendly advice please

After having to replace several of the kids DVDs due to scratches I thought I would give backing them up a try. I use IMGBurn already so downloaded DVD43 to get round the copy protection and starting backing them up. Everything seemed fine until I tried to back up my son’s Doctor Who complete series boxset. The backup burns fine and appears to playback perfectly if I choose ‘play all’ from the menu. The problem appears to be when I try to select a specific episode from the Menu - some work whilst others cause the DVD player to completely ‘lock up’ requiring it to be rebooted.

I have tried various Dual layer media (all brands right up to Verbatim) and several burners and I keep getting exactly the same problem on exactly the same episodes. Because I have paid good money for these DVDs I really wanted to be able to create an exact copy so I don’t really want to go down the route of shrinking the file etc.

Has anyone else had this problem and overcome it? Any help would be greatly appreicated as I am realy struggling, I have managed to back up the kids Wii games successfully so I thought DVDs would be just as easy - apparently not :sad:

Thanks in advance,

The only thing I can think of off the top of my head is that DVD43 isn’t completely getting rid of the encryption/intentional structural changes put into the dvds to prevent copying.

Try DVDFab HD Decrypter (free)
Then there are two methods you can try. First is to rip the entire movie to the hard drive as files, then make the ISO with ImgBurn. Or you can rip to the hard drive as an ISO and simply do the burn with ImgBurn. Either way should work…knock on wood.

Of course this method is for burning to dual layer disks. Use Verbatim brand and burn at 4x.

As suggested use DvdFab HD full rip & make sure Dvd43 is not running. Then you could follow these.

Thanks guys, DVDFab has completely sorted it out :bow:

Not only has it ‘fixed’ the issue already mentioned but a few of my other backups had ‘glitchy’ menus which it has resolved and i have even been able to rip DVDs that were previously gving me constant read errors.

If anyone else is having issues, ripping with DVDFab and burning with IMGBurn seems to be the way forward! (it’s probably what you guys were already doing but hey, I’m new to all this :D)

Sounds like you came out a winner, way to go :clap:


I have managed to back up the kids Wii games successfully so I thought DVDs would be just as easy -

Just out of curiosity, what method are you using to backup the Wii games. I’m new to Wii and I know that the grandkids are going to destroy the originals.

TIA for any advice – TomF