Problem with eject system. Need advise



I have a liteon 5001 that would not open the tray. I thought the tray was misaligned because it would close if I moved the front panel a little bit around.
I took apart the front panel and the tray was forced open a little bit. I belive the tray got out of the closed/locked position. And now it does not open/close at all.

Q#1: Do you know/have step by step disassembling instructions for LVW5001 ?
Q#2: Do you know how to get the tray back to the correct position ?
Q#3: Is there an emergency hole (for emergency open) in the LVW5001 just like in the burners have ?

Thanks a lot.



I found help with an article and web site by toxie.He is a member of this site and this helped me with the mods.
I noticed when dissassebling the lvw 5001 that the dvd tray in has a belt/rubber ring final drive and the replacement drive i used-1635s has a gear final drive.
when i changed over the drive it still seems a little hard for it to open but i,ll fix that with graphite powder in the tray slides.Ithink that the final belt drive slips and may need replacing with a smaller new belt.
Hope this helps.