Problem with EAC and flac

I have flac frontend and EAC installed and configured in “compression options” for flac. I insert a CD and Action>Copy Selected Tracks>Compressed
and it starts the process. After every track, flac frontend opens and the process stops until I close flac. The next track is processed and it stops again. After all are processed the tracks are not a .flac file but a .wav. I am obviously doing something wrong. Any help would be appreciated.

Don’t use a frontend with EAC. Use just the flac.exe and have EAC pass the parameters to flac.exe. The frontend is just for making conversions to flac without having to pass parameters to flac.exe. HydrogenAudio has optimal settings for flac.exe that you can copy and paste into EACs compression options.

Problem solved. Thanks so much.

Here’s the Best setup for EAC AFAIK: