Problem with DW1650

I really need to burn my dvd with speed x2. Is there any chances to do it? If yes, please tell me how to do this.
thx in advance!

can you tell us why you need to burn at X2 speed, is it the disc’s?, or do you prefer to burn at this speed

also what program are you using to burn with?

I need x2 cuz I’m trading concerts. And I bought this benq :frowning: Nero shows x4 is lowest. nero toolkit shows the same. what program should I try?

If there’s no technical reason, you should burn media at its rated speed or one speed step lower…
Most newer burners are not optimised for low speed burning!

Set the drive to use PIO mode and Benq will probably be forced to burn at 2.4x?

OUCH, setting PIO mode will cause the buffer underrun to kick in and wreck a quality burn.

To get the best quality burns DON’T brun slowly. Get some good quality discs and burn at or 1 stop below its rated speed. Using cheap quality discs will give you poor quality burns no matter what speed you burn at.

The days of slow burning to get good qualty have long gone now high speed burners are around. With some media it can even make the quality worse.

I’m using only verbatim + and with x4 quality goes little worse. just a little, but still :confused: These DVDs are x16 max, so I’ll try with x12. thanks for fast responding!

yaa I burned with x12, and it really looks good. thanks 1 more time!!

i think the rated speed is the best
because the benq 165X only has the strategy of the rated speed
when you use another speed,the solid-burn fuction will work,and that’s what i don’t like…i don’t think the strategy made by the burner is any better than the one made by the BENQ factory

Not true…

The firmware for most drives have different speed settings for most discs, this is to allow for you to slow the burn speed down when neccesary.

The MCC004 disc is rated at 16x, it may well have a very good 16x burn stratagt but it also has 4x, 8x and 12x stratagys built into the firmware.

Here is a list of the firmware speeds for a DW1655 with BCDB firmware (only one I had to hand), note all the other speeds listed, these speeds are all built into the firmware.

DVD+R9  supported media types:   20
CMC MAG  D01-000 2.4x
CMC MAG  D02-000 8x,6x,4x,2.4x
CMC MAG  D04-000 8x,6x,4x,2.4x
FUJIFILM FR1-000 8x,6x,4x,2.4x
INFOME   D01-000 2.4x
KIC00000 D20-000 2.4x
MKM	  001-000 2.4x
MKM	  001-000 8x,6x,4x,2.4x
MKM	  003-000 2.4x
MKM	  003-000 8x,6x,4x,2.4x
PHILIPS  CD2-000 2.4x
PHILIPS  PD2-000 2.4x
PRODISC  D01-000 2.4x
RICOHJPN D00-001 2.4x
RICOHJPN D01-002 8x,6x,4x,2.4x
RITEK	D01-001 2.4x
RITEK	D03-001 8x,6x,4x,2.4x
RITEK	S04-001 8x,6x,4x,2.4x
RITEK	X01-001 2.4x
RITEK	X08-001 8x,6x,4x,2.4x

DVD+R   supported media types:  105
AML	  002-000 8x,4x
AML	  003-000 16x,12x,8x,4x
BeAll000 P40-000 4x,2.4x
BeAll000 P80-000 8x,4x
BeAll000 PG0-000 16x,12x,8x,4x
CMC MAG  E01-000 4x,2.4x
CMC MAG  E01-000 8x,4x
CMC MAG  F01-000 4x,2.4x
CMC MAG  M01-000 16x,12x,8x,4x
DAXON	AZ2-000 8x,4x
DAXON	AZ3-000 16x,12x,8x,4x
DAXON	CY3-000 16x,12x,8x,4x
DDDessau V30-000 8x,4x
DIGVAL   R01-000 12x,8x,4x
DT-D03   004-000 8x,4x
Dvsn+160 001-000 16x,12x,8x,4x
EMDP	 000-000 8x,4x
EMDPAZ01 000-000 12x,8x,4x
FTI	  016-000 16x,12x,8x,4x
GSC502   002-000 4x,2.4x
GSC503   H01-000 8x,4x
GSC503   H01-000 8x,4x
GSC503   H02-000 16x,12x,8x,4x
IMC JPN  R01-000 8x,4x
INFODISC R20-000 8x,4x
INFOME   R20-000 8x,4x
INFOME   R30-000 16x,12x,8x,4x
IS01	 002-000 8x,4x
ISSM	 001-000 8x,4x
ISSM	 003-000 12x,8x,4x
KIC00000 S80-000 8x,4x
LD	   M04-000 16x,12x,8x,4x
LD	   S03-000 8x,4x
LD	   S04-000 16x,12x,8x,4x
LGEP16   001-000 16x,12x,8x,4x
LONGTEN  002-000 8x,4x
MAM	  M02-000 8x,4x
MAM	  M04-000 12x,8x,4x
MAXELL   001-000 4x,2.4x
MAXELL   002-000 8x,4x
MAXELL   003-000 16x,12x,8x,4x
MBIPG101 R03-000 4x,2.4x
MBIPG101 R04-001 8x,4x
MBIPG101 R05-001 16x,12x,8x,4x
MCC	  002-000 4x,2.4x
MCC	  003-000 8x,4x
MCC	  004-000 16x,12x,8x,4x
MJC	  003-000 8x,4x
MJC	  005-000 16x,12x,8x,4x
MPOMEDIA 080-000 8x,4x
MUST	 002-000 8x,4x
MUST	 006-002 16x,12x,8x,4x
NAN YA   FLX-000 16x,12x,8x,4x
NANYA	ALX-000 16x,12x,8x,4x
NANYA	CHX-000 8x,4x
NANYA	CLX-000 8x,4x
NSD	  R40-000 16x,12x,8x,4x
OPTODISC F16-000 16x,12x,8x,4x
OPTODISC OR8-000 8x,4x
OPTODISC R16-000 12x,8x,4x
PHILIPS  C08-000 4x,2.4x
PHILIPS  C08-000 8x,4x
PHILIPS  C16-000 16x,12x,8x,4x
PHILIPS  C16-001 16x,12x,8x,4x
POS	  R01-000 4x,2.4x
POS	  R01-000 8x,4x
POS	  R05-000 16x,12x,8x,4x
PRODISC  R03-003 8x,4x
PRODISC  R04-004 16x,12x,8x,4x
PRODISC  R05-001 16x,12x,8x,4x
Philips  081-000 8x,4x
Plasmon1 C01-000 8x,4x
Plasmon2 C01-000 12x,8x,4x
RICOHJPN R01-002 4x,2.4x
RICOHJPN R02-003 8x,4x
RICOHJPN R03-004 16x,12x,8x,4x
RITEK	F16-001 16x,12x,8x,4x
RITEK	M02-001 4x,2.4x
RITEK	P16-000 16x,12x,8x,4x
RITEK	R02-001 4x,2.4x
RITEK	R03-001 8x,4x
RITEK	R03-002 8x,4x
RITEK	R04-001 16x,12x,8x,4x
RITEK	R05-001 16x,12x,8x,4x
SAST	 A01-000 12x,8x,4x
SKC	  P16-000 12x,8x,4x
SKC	  P80-000 8x,4x
SKYMEDIA R03-000 8x,4x
SONY	 D11-000 8x,4x
SONY	 D21-000 16x,12x,8x,4x
TDK	  002-000 8x,4x
TDK	  003-000 16x,12x,8x,4x
ULTRAN   202-000 8x,4x
ULTRAN   212-000 16x,12x,8x,4x
VANGUARD 001-000 8x,4x
VDSPMSAB 002-001 8x,4x
VDSPMSAB 004-001 16x,12x,8x,4x
VIVA	 002-000 8x,4x
WFKA11   211-000 8x,4x
WFKA11   321-000 16x,12x,8x,4x
WINGSHIN 001-049 8x,4x
YUDEN000 T01-001 4x,2.4x
YUDEN000 T02-000 8x,4x
YUDEN000 T03-000 16x,12x,8x,4x
Yi Jhan  004-000 16x,12x,8x,4x

DVD+RW  supported media types:   14
CMC MAG  W01-000 2.4x
CMC MAG  W03-000 8x,6x
INFODISC A01-002 2.4x
MBIPG101 W03-000 2.4x
MCC	  A01-000 2.4x
MKM	  A03-000 8x,6x
PHILIPS  010-001 2.4x
PHILIPS  RW8-000 8x,6x
PRODISC  W01-002 2.4x
RICOHJPN W21-001 8x,6x
RITEK	001-001 2.4x
RITEK	004-048 4x,2.4x
RITEK	008-000 8x,6x
SONY	 S21-000 8x,6x

DVD-R9  supported media types:	4
CMC MAG. AD4	4x,2x
MKM 01RD30	  4x,2x
ProdiscDR24	 4x,2x
RITEKP01		4x,2x

DVD-R   supported media types:   87
0000-TPC16A1	16x,12x,8x,4x
BeAll G16001	16x,12x,8x,4x
BeAll G80001	8x,4x
CMC MAG. AE1	8x,4x
CMC MAG. AM3	16x,12x,8x,4x
DAXON008S	   8x,4x
DAXON016		16x,12x,8x,4x
DAXON016S	   16x,12x,8x,4x
DDTRG003		8x,4x
DKMZ01		  8x,4x
Dvsn-80		 8x,4x
FTI RG16		16x,12x,8x,4x
FUJIFILM03	  8x,4x
FUJIFILM04	  16x,12x,8x,4x
GSC003		  8x,4x
GSC004		  8x,4x
GSC005		  16x,12x,8x,4x
IMC JPN R01	 8x,4x
INFODISC-R20	8x,4x
INFOMEDIAR30	16x,12x,8x,4x
INFOSMART03.	16x,12x,8x,4x
ISSM	R02	 16x,12x,8x,4x
ISSM R01		8x,4x
KDTVVV		  8x,4x
KIC01RG160	  16x,12x,8x,4x
LEADDATA S03	8x,4x
LEADDATA S04	16x,12x,8x,4x
LGE08		   8x,4x
LGE16		   16x,12x,8x,4x
LONGTEN 003	 8x,4x
MAM8XG01		8x,4x
MAMSXG01		8x,4x
MBI 01RG40	  16x,12x,8x,4x
MBI 01RG40	  16x,12x,8x,4x
MBI 03RG30	  8x,4x
MBI 03RG40	  16x,12x,8x,4x
MBI03RG30	   8x,4x
MCC 02RG20	  8x,4x
MCC 03RG20	  16x,12x,8x,4x
MJC M005		16x,12x,8x,4x
MJC ME		  8x,4x
MUST 003		8x,4x
MUST 007		16x,12x,8x,4x
MXL RG03		8x,4x
MXL RG04		16x,12x,8x,4x
NAN YA A01	  8x,4x
NAN YA F02	  16x,12x,8x,4x
NSDR40		  16x,12x,8x,4x
OPTODISCR008	8x,4x
OPTODISCR016	16x,12x,8x,4x
POMS3A		  8x,4x
POMSI002		8x,4x
POSG06		  8x,4x
POSG08		  16x,12x,8x,4x
PRINCO8X02	  8x,4x
PRINCORGM1	  16x,12x,8x,4x
Plasmon1A	   8x,4x
Plasmon2A	   12x,8x,4x
ProdiscF01	  8x,4x
ProdiscF02	  16x,12x,8x,4x
ProdiscS04	  8x,4x
ProdiscS05	  16x,12x,8x,4x
RITEKF1		 16x,12x,8x,4x
RITEKG05		8x,4x
RITEKG06		8x,4x
RITEKM16		16x,12x,8x,4x
SAST100		 8x,4x
SKC M801		8x,4x
SONY08D1		8x,4x
SONY16D1		16x,12x,8x,4x
TAROKO-MX8	  8x,4x
TCLDS01		 8x,4x
TMI003		  16x,12x,8x,4x
TTG02		   8x,4x
TTH01		   8x,4x
TTH02		   16x,12x,8x,4x
TYG02		   8x,4x
TYG03		   16x,12x,8x,4x
ULTRAN102	   8x,4x
UME01		   8x,4x
UME02		   16x,12x,8x,4x
VANGUARD01	  8x,4x
VDSPMSAB 04	 16x,12x,8x,4x
WFI A80001	  8x,4x
WINGSHING08	 8x,4x
Yi Jhan 003	 8x,4x

DVD-RW  supported media types:   39
CMCW02		  2x
CMCW03		  4x,2x
CMCW04		  4x
CMCW04		  6x
JVC/VictorT7	1x
JVC0VictorD7	4x,2x
JVC1Victord7	4x
JVC1Victord7	6x
JVC_VictorW7	2x
MBI01RWG 20	 4x,2x
MCC 00RW11N9	1x
MCC 01RW11n9	2x
MCC 01RW4X	  4x,2x
MKM 01RW6X01	4x
MKM 01RW6X01	6x
OPTODISCW004	4x,2x
PRINCO		  1x
PRINCO		  2x
PRINCORW0004	4x,2x
Prodisc DW04	2x
Prodisc DW06	4x,2x
ProdiscDVDRW	1x
RITEK000V11A	1x
RITEKW01		2x
RITEKW04		4x,2x
RITEKW06		4x
RITEKW06		6x
SONY000000U9	1x
TDK502sakuM3	2x
TDK601saku	  4x,2x
TDK701saku	  4x
TDK701saku	  6x

If you scroll through the list you will find this

MCC 002-000 4x,2.4x
MCC 003-000 8x,4x
MCC 004-000 16x,12x,8x,4x

This shows that the firmware (without solidburn etc) supports 4x 8x 12x and 16x writing to MCC 004.