Problem with DVR-A07XLA and RIDATA

Hi all, Does anybody use RIDATA -R 4X DVD blanks. I am having a problem burning with them. I am using a Pioneer DVR-A07XLA drive. What happens is about one minut into the burn the drive light goes out and progress bar stops. I have first tried firmware 1.16 then 1.18. I do not have a problem burning the same image file at 4X with two other types of media. The only way I could get the RIDATA disks to work is to burn at 1X. Does anybody know if this media is incompatible with this drive. Can anybody suggest good media I can use with this drive? Thanks

I actually just bought a 100 pack of GO4 from Ridata and they work great. What type are they because sometimes there can be bad batches. I got the branded ones so I could make sure they were real, did you get the ones with just a shiny surface. If so there might be your problem…I burned a movie a second ago and it was fine. Good luck. Oh by the way I also have the Pioneer XL series which is an 8x DVD+/-RW

Mine is a XL 8X also. My disks are Ridata branded they have a big arrow on them with logo. They also say General version 2.0, not shiny, are these the correct disks?

Yea I think those are the GO4s. Everyone has had a great amount of luck with them. But I have heard of bad disks from Ridata sometimes…where did you purchase them. Was it online and if so what merchant.