Problem with DVR 212 and SATA - hangs/halts every 5sec

Hi everyone,

I just built my new system, everything went fine until I installed the ICH9 Matrix drivers to recognize my SATA devices. Right after it I noticed something is wrong with my mouse - when moving it, every 4-5 secs it has a short halt for 100ms orso - just enough to have you recognize it and that it is annoying. And I found out, it’s not only the mouse - sound hangs too, same for a DirectX9 Demo. :frowning:
I started playing around with different driver versions and bios settings, but no improvement. The only thing that seemed to work was setting the SATA mode from AHCI to IDE. Then the hang is much shorter and very close that you dont notice it anymore. But with this setting, i can’t use the hot plug feature anymore, so no go for my eSATA drives :sad:
So I switched SATA ports, SATA cables etc. and finally came to the conclusion that my new Pioneer 212 is the cause of the problem: disconnecting it solves the issue! When burning you can see the device buffer dropping from 99% to 60% at the moment the dx9 demo, mouse etc. hangs. :doh:

Any1 have an idea why this happens? The 212 seems to be a nice drive, but I can’t use it with this hangs. Or maybe all SATA ODD will have this issue with my mobo? :confused:

A few words to my config:
XP Pro SP2
Core 2 Duo E6750 @ 2,66 Ghz
Asus P5K Deluxe (Intel P35 chipset)
Fresh install, no overclock
tested different driver versions, disabled serial port, onboard LAN, onboard sound, nothing helps

Thanks alot in advance,

PS: sorry for my english but i’m not a native speaker :o


Burners don’t like AHCI mode. Your eSATA ports are JMicron however, so unaffected by ICHR9 settings or drivers. Setting ICHR9 to IDE mode you’ll lose NCQ on the hard drive(s) though. Your choice… :slight_smile:

Thanks for that first answer!

Well setting to IDE Mode doesnt completely solve the issue. And my case has eSATA port built-in, thats conncted via short sata cable to ICH9 :frowning:

So any other SATA burner will have the same issues? Setting all 6 sata ports to IDE only because of that burner… damn. Any burner out having no problem with AHCI? :slight_smile:

I’m running 2 HD and 3 ODD (Plextor PX-755SA, LG GSA-H62N, & Pioneer DVR-212D) on AHCI on my Asus P5B Deluxe board with no problems at all… Perhaps you should first try a new SATA cable or a different port.

Doubt it is related, but it may be worth a shot to test your ram with Memtest86+… I only suggest this because I had some burning issues on my old AMD based system (IDE ODD)… On a whim I ram Memtest86 and my Corsair memory had errors… I sent them to Corsair and the replaced memory corrected the issue.

Well as I wrote, I tried several ports and cables, no difference. Memtest86 didn’t find any errors. Damn.

Could be a dud drive… what is the mfg date on it?

Have you tried the June 2007 Matrix drivers from Intels site?

Gonna check the manufacturing date this evening. I tried both the 7.0.x.x and 7.5.x.x drivers from Intels site but had no luck yet.
Next thing I test is installing vista. If all of my HW (especially TV card) and SW works with Vista AND the issue is solved, i’m gonna stay with it. Best would be solving this issue with XP cause I didn’t want to use Vista at this time.

Ok, manufacturing date is June 2007. I also tried the new intel beta inf drivers, still same problem :frowning:

Install new firmware

Go into the BIOS of the M/B
From the MAIN tab select the AHCI configuration screen
Set the AHCI port that the drive is connected to from “Auto” to "Not Installed"
This will turn AHCI functions of on this port and drive will still be detected
Save BIOS settings and exit
Worked for me

Thanks for the suggestions, Discoboy… My DVR-212D was fine on AHCI, but for grins I tried it with my newly acquired Samsung SH-S203B… Instant improvement.

New Intel drivers now out as of 2nd Aug.

Well I solved the hangs by switching from ASUS mobo to Gigabyte… but all burns failed on verify - so I set mode from AHCI to IDE and now it all works fine!
Seems like there are still some general issues with SATA DVD-RW drives…

I think AHCI may be more of a culprit… I’ve not had a problem with my Pioneer drive (just my Samsung SH-203B), but one thing I have always wondered is if the folks having issue have the Adaptec ASPI layer installed… Since it does not work for USB, I have to wonder if some AHCI/SATA implementations are also affected… Just a thought… I stopped using the Adaptec ASPI layer early in my WinXP days due to issues and have never installed it again and have not had any issues without it.

Well I didnt use it for years now :slight_smile: But I remember times where you had to install it to use e.g. Goldenhawk’s CDRWin.

I still use Golden Hawk CDRWIN! Nero’s ASPI or Frog ASPI work for it.

This is an old thread, but…is there anything you can do if the drives are connected via a IOGEAR RAID5 4-port eSATA PCI card? I have a smiliar problem, but making changes in the M/B BIOS won’t help in this instance.

@ MC99,

Have you ensured that you have installed the latest most current up to date Driver for your IOGEAR eSATA PCI card ?

What chipset is used in your IOGEAR eSATA PCI card ?

Some chipsets used in SATA PCI Cards have a compatibility issue with Pioneer optical SATA Drives. For example VIA based chipsets have a compatibility issue with Pioneer optical SATA Drives. Intel and Silicon Image chipsets do not have compatibility issues with Pioneer optical SATA Drives.


It has a Sil 3114 chipset, so it should be ok.
I’ve got the latest driver as well.

Based on these threads, it’s sounds like the problem stems from the PCI card setup versus the actualy Pioneer drives though. They burn ok, maybe a tad slow. Its on the read side after the burn where the drives just can’t read discs. It takes 4 or 5 tries before it will recognize the disc in the drive. I use Taiyo media, and I know that’s not the problem.

I got a PCI SATA adapter with SiI3114 chipset to enable boot to SATA hard drive, but it wouldn’t boot until I flashed the card with base BIOS and update latest IDE drivers while still booting to old hard drive. Note all adapter BIOSs aren’t flashable, and I actually had to return 1 adapter previously that wasn’t flashable. I’ve also read in other threads that SATA controllers need to be set to IDE mode to work correctly with SATA optical drives.