Problem with DVR-112D copying CDs

I have a problem backing up classical music CDs with my new DVR-112D using both Nero and CloneCD. I am getting lots of popping type noises on the copies. Looking at the audio waveform with Adobe Audition I can see minute gaps (about 0.01 seconds) in the waveform where these popping noises occur. I obtained a replacement drive from my supplier but this has not cured the problem. If I use older drives (DVR-108, DVR-106 and an old Plextor) I get perfect copies.

If I use Adobe Audition to extract the audio from the CD to wav files and burn the wav files back to CD using Adobe Audition I get a perfect copy.

I tried downloading the latest versions of Nero and CloneCD but neither of those cured the problem.

As far as I can see there is no problem writing or copying DVDs.

Any suggestions?

Either you burned too fast or have used crappy CDs.

I used both Verbatim Printable CD-Rs and Taiyo Yuden Silver Printable CD-Rs. I tried reducing the speed to 10X but that didn’t help.

Then update the 112s firmware and try again.

Sorry, I should have put in my original post that I have updated to the latest 1.09 firmware. It didn’t make any difference.

I suspect that Pioneer has made some change to the firmware that CloneCD and Nero can’t handle. The reason I say this is that the “gaps” always occur in more or less the same places, they don’t appear to be totally random.

I put the DVR-112D into an old PC with a 40 strand IDE cable, which meant it was set to Ultra DMA2. I copied my test CD perfectly, with no problems.

I put the drive back into my normal PC and changed the BIOS setting for the drive from Auto (which set it to Ultra DMA4) to Ultra DMA2. With this setting it copied my test CD perfectly without problems.

Has anybody any suggestions as to how I can use Ultra DMA4 without the problems mentioned in my original post?

1.29 is latest.

That’s on the 111. 1.09 is the latest for the 112.