Problem with DVDshrink3.2

I downloaded DVDshrink3.2 the other day and I copied a movie called “The Notebook” just to try it out. It copied the movie without problems, but when I tried to copy another movie later that night it wouldn’t work. The DVD burner makes weird squeeking noises as if it’s struggling to turn the disc. On the DVDshrink browse window the drive is said to be empty even though the disc is in it. I get the same results now when I use CloneDVD. Is it the burner or a problem with the software? The burner was working fine until I used DVDshrink to copy that first movie “the Notebook”. It won’t even play DVD movies either. Please help.

I think you have answered your own question…!

it’s not a software problem.

I imagine it’s just a coincidence that the drive failed after installing shrink. I and most folks around here have used it for a very long time and on many different burners.

If your running XP, try doing a full system restore and see if this helps.

How about this: the drive recognizes the first movie I copied, but when I put any other DVD in it it makes weird noises and reads as though there is no disc in the drive. What could be the cause of this?

What kind of burner is it? How much memory do you have and how much is vacant? I’d first see if your firmware is up to date in the burner and also use quality media. What media are you using? You can D. L. DVDidentifier or DVDinfopro for free and I.D. your media so you can tell us what the MID code is.

If you having problems copying a movie it is possibly because the shrink can’t beat the decryption, try running AnyDVD in the background when you are working with shrink.