Problem with DVDRW LH-20A1S and KProbe

Hello everybody.

My first post here. First of all thank you for the great site and forum. Now to the question. Today I installed the DVDRW LH-20A1S which replaced my ageing LG drive. Everything works fine except that I cannot scan CDs with KProbe. DVD’s scan without problems, but when I try to scan a CD the drive spins for a couple of seconds and then I get a log that looks like this:

Date : 13.9.2008 г. 23:43:27
Model : 1-0-0-0 D:LITE-ON DVDRW LH-20A1S 9L09
Disc : CDR (A+) , 973423:795973 [Mitsubishi Chemicals Corporation]
Speed : Max
Scanned range : 0:2:0 (0) - 00:02:00 (0)
C1 Max : 0
C1 Average : 0.0
C1 Total : 0
C2 Max : 0
C2 Average : 0.0
C2 Total : 0

Apparently it doesn’t read the CD, as can be seen by the scanning range. I tried to manually enter the scanning range but, no luck. The drive is running on the latest firmware 9L09 according to LiteON site.
Another strange thing is that I cannot select ASPI as a driver although I have a fully operational ASPI 4.60 (1021) layer installed according to ASPICHK.

Any help will be much appreciated. Thanks in advance


I think I had the same problem with my LiteOn DVDRW drives. All I could do was use Nero CD-DVD Speed to scan CDs.

With that said, MediaTek-based DVDRW drives [such as your LiteOn] are not the best CD scanners. They don’t report all errors.

I think this has been the case for quite a while, e.g.see this thread.

This may actually have been done on purpose because (as Albert mentioned) LiteOn [B]DVD[/B] burners (and others using a Mediatek chipset) are not very useful for scanning [B]CDRs[/B]: they only report a portion of the errors.

DrageMester has explained this in detail a number of times- most recently in this post.


Thanks guys. Apparently my drive reports only the uncorrected errors. This explains the very low C1 error count with CDSpeed. Anyway it’s better than nothing.
How about the DVD scans? Can they be trusted at least?