Problem with DVDRW drive on Acer laptop

can anyone help me troubleshooting my cdrom-dvdrw on acer laptop, the cd-rom won’t run or open?

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Could you please post more information? See the posting guidelines of this forum for a list of what kind of information would be useful.

I have a similar problem. My Acer travelmate 270 do not detect the internal dvd rom/cdrw (combo). I have Win XP pro installed. The device seems to be working properly (physically) since when cd’s or dvd’s are in it the disks rotate as usual. I’m not able to find the dvd/cd unit on the explorer, there is not cd unit at all on my computer. This problem could usually be solved by restart the machine but not anymore. Now it is completely dead, as mentioned no optical unit is discovered by win xp.

Is the drive detected outside of Windows?

What do you mean outside? In dos mode? I even checked in the device manager and the drive is not listed there eather.

Any situation where Windows is not running; easiest way to check is to see if the system BIOS detects it and/or to see if you’re able to boot up from the drive in question.