Problem with DVDrw and CDRW

Hello, I’m in kinda of dilema. I just want to see if anyone could figure out why this happened.

The other day I was burning and right at the end of the burn it screwed up. So I figured fine once in a while (like 1 in 30 dvd’s) my burner will spit out a bad one, but I checked the dvd and it was fine the movie played right till the end.

Then later that day I went to check a something in my dvdrw drive and it wasn’t showing up in windows.

So I rebooted my computer and then it showed up fine but it wont read anything I put in it. It will just blink a few times like it is reading then stop.

Also my cdrw drive just sits there with a light on now reading forever and wont read any cd’s.

I’m wondering how 2 drives can go. I’ve tried the cdrw in another system and it just does the same thing so I put another old burner I had laying around in my system and that works for now and I ordered a new dvdrw cause I think this one maybe dead.

But my main question is how can 2 drives both go at the same time.

The power Supply is a OCZ 520 watt modstream. Kinda confused for 2 things to both go at once and they still are detected in the bios and windows just they wont read anything.

Any help would be appreciated

Myles Peterson

You are on the right track suspecting the power supply as it is a common denominator and it can cause this type of damage. At the very least I would try to connect the new drives to different molex connections. If you have an Intel MB they have a utility that can monitor the power supply to the MB.

Possibly others can add information on diagnosing this. I have had a lot of trouble I can sort of attribute to bad power but I have not yet found a solution.

I have an amd board. but I used speedfan which is supposed to work great with my MSI K7N2 Delta2 board. The voltages are all correct. I just can’t figure out what could have went wrong… This power supply is module, so I checked all my molex connectors and they are all pushed in well. But maybe for some reason one was a lil loose and shorted… Kinda sucks to lose a dvdrw and cdrw like that haha. I’m pretty decent with computer hardware and I take care when working in my case so I hate it when something does go.

I know the reviews on this power supply say

“The results taken from SpeedFan are quite mixed. We see some minor differences in a majority of the rails but nothing really huge, with the biggest difference coming in on the VBAT results by .07 volts.”

This shouldn’t be enough to cause two drives to die. Hopefully this is just remarkable bad luck. The DVD drive wasn’t a BenQ 1620 was it?

No the dvdrw is a LG GAS-4120B. And the cdrw was an Aopen I’m not exactly sure of the model number.
The only thing that I can see that would cause it would be the power connector got loose where it connects to the powersupply (becasue it’s modular) but I checked those and they seemed all ok, but I pulled them out and made sure everything is in right now.
Just waiting on the replacement burner to come in…
I just find it wierd how the drive still functions, windows sees it, nero identifies it correctly but it just doesn’t read any media.

That is common. If there is a problem with the laser or related circuits the drive will show up just as you say.