Problem with dvdfab

I’ve got a problem. I install dvdfab version on my windows xp sp2 Polish proffesional edition. I reboot my computer. When I want to start program nothing happend. I try platinium and gold version and the same happend. Have you got any solution fot that problem ??

Please give a little more information so perhaps someone can help. Do you get any error messsages? Did you have firewall or antivirus software active during the install?

dduk, what kind of configuration do you have (internal/external drives, etc.)? Need more info so we can think about this . . .

I don’t have any error message. Whe I click on the dvdfab.exe nothing happend. No windows are opened just nothing. I’v got internal driver hp dvd640.

Without knowing any details, it’s very difficult to offer any specific advice.
First off, I’d recommend a new install from a new download. You may have a corrupted/bad download, etc. Download the current version of platinum from here:

Agree with Tom on this but first I would look in a post by StormJumper and follow the instructions on a clean uninstall of DVDFAB just to insure that you get a clean uninstall

I have the same problem (Win XP SP2 PL, DVDfab and After (non-problem) installation and reboot can’t run DVDfab. Trying to run only changes mouse pointer by 2-3 sec, then nothing. No error message, no application window, no process in application tab of task manager. After this, the internet explorer 6 becomes problem with display small images from websites (empty fields with X). Uninstallig DVDfab fixes that bug. Tried on 2 different computers with the same result. Both have installed Zone Labs Security (disabled during install) and InterVideo WinDVD. Similar problem had I some times ago with Ulead GifAnimator. Can anyone help?

format your PC and start again, sounds like windows is bust. It’ll be quick to re-install your whole PC than it will to find the cause of the issue.

I had the “no run” symptom on my wife’s laptop when I installed DVDFab without disabling the firewall and AV first. Uninstalled (in Add/Remove software), killed the AV and firewall, reinstalled and everything was fine.

Many thanks for the tips, but my firewall was disabled before installation DVDfab. I tried yesterday to install program under Vista PL ultimate - with similiar result (this copy of Vista had no internet security pack installed, only Defender). Vista’s behavior was much better than XP - i becam error message “program stop working” (my translation from polish - maybe not exact). Vista set restore point before “update drivers” - using this point i has removed pcouffin.sys, but not the program. And after this program has running! (without access to DVD-drive of course). I think, pcouffin.sys is in conflict with one from before installed programs. Should it be Nero7, ACDsee9, InterVideoWinDVD or Alcohol120% ?

There are components of Nero and I think Alcohol that can cause conflicts in XP. Also try the possibilities in these threads that produced similar symptoms to those you are experiencing:

First this:
And possibly this:

Please post back with results, hope it helps.

Try checking your DEP(data execution prevention)settings,it my be what is stopping the program.

That is what one of the links was for in my post.

I have the same problem (Win XP SP2 PL and Vista Business PL, DVDfab - After (non-problem) installation and reboot can’t run DVDfab Platinum . Free DVD Decrypter works OK.


3 users from Poland have this problem :confused:

Windows XP records errors in System Information. To get there
click on Start,
then Accessories,
go to System Tools,
then click on System Information. There is a lot of information there, but for now we are only interested in +Software. Click on the + to open. The last folder under +Software is Windows Error Reporting. Highlight it and go to File then Export and save to as a .txt file the .txt is already there so just name the file. This file will open in Note Pad or Word Pad. Attach it to a post. There is a lot of useless information in this report, but also a lot of useful information. If it is long edit it so just a few days show

I check this and I’m sure that DVD Fab don’t report any errors. The last error in this report was from 26.05.2007 but I install DVD Fab two days ago (28.05.2007). :confused:

This log will contain all software conflicts, also under hardware there is a conflict report.

Also read this site for valuable information:

:disagree: nothing found

:cool: I uninstall pucharsed DVDFab Platinum and install again [B](BUT CHANGE ON ENGLISH LANGUAGE)[/B]. Reset Windows. Double Click on icon DVDFab and amazing… application starts :bigsmile: and works in Polish version. :cool:

(tested on DVDFab Platinum - version