Problem with DVDFab XVIDs



I have a Pioneer DV-300-S Player…It plays DIVX/XVIDs made in:
#1 DVRipper; TMPGEncoder; and Total Video Converter…BUT NOT THOSE FROM DVDFAB Generic, no matter what format I select. (The Audio is present, but no Video)

Making a PVP plays, but the video quality leaves much to be desired.

I very much like DVDFAB, it copies, records etc very well…

Anybody have any clues?



Hi Henny. Which exact profile are you using and what screen size and video bitrate are you selecting on the Configure page?


Hi, thanks for answering. My typical settings:

Profile : generic.avi.xvid.mp3
Frame size: 720 x 400
Bit Rate: 900 kbps
Size: 605 Mb

Platform: Windows XP Pro


Try reducing the screen size one notch. Does it also do this if you select a different audio option (i.e. AAC or audiocopy)?


I haven’t really tried using AAC or Audiocopy…Might just be worth a try.
The screen size is usually as selected.
I have a friend nearby who has a different DVD Player, and he has exactly the same problem…no video output from this programme.
The mind boggles !
I think it must be something in their programme since other rippers XVIDs all work fine…maybe it the codec they are using.

Thanks for your suggestions and help



My players work fine with the generic.avi.xvid.audiocopy profile at 1100 bitrate and 720 x 400…

Give it a go.


Quite a few players can not handle the higher resolution. Try a little lower setting such as 624x352 for a 16:9 wide screen. You can speed up some testing for the right resolution by only selecting 1 chapter, test a few out for the best one.


One last suggestion - Since you know the other rips worked, use a program like MediaInfo or GSpot to see the details of the others and match them with DVDFab.


Thanks everyone for all your suggestions…I will give them a try.


Hi everyone.

Following your most helpful suggestions, I have at last managed to get a playable XVID. Reducing the screen resolution did the trick.

All I want now is to be able to make a DIVX in plain Generic !!
(Some people are never satisfied are they?)

Thanks again to you all.


Sounds like you just want to make your own profile with saved settings for DivX. You can do that by copying the settings from the profiles folder to a new profile.xml. Be sure to read the profile_document.xml file …DVDFab Platinum 4\Profiles\Readme Then make your custom xml in …DVDFab Platinum 4\Profiles Restart DVDFab when the new profile is ready to be used. If DVDFab does not start your file has a bad setting and needs to be corrected or removed for DVDFab to start.