Problem with DVDFab Wizard

I am a newbie, so this is probably a stupid question.
On the first page of the DVDFab wizard, it asks you to select a Disk Folder. Whatever folder I nominate from my hard drive, I get the message: The folder(C.Documents and Settings\Martin\My Documents\DVD) is not a DVD folder.
The folder(C.Documents and Settings\Martin\My Documents\DVD\VIDEO_TS.IFO) does not exist.
The tutorial says this folder should be ‘from a folder in your hard disk that you may have ripped files into’, but I have never ripped files onto my hard disk before.

I think you are still on the source page where you need to select the drive that has DVD that you want to rip, there are only 2 choices DVD drive or disk folder. It is easy especially easy to be confused if you have been using express which asks you to choose source and target on same page. You only pick source on first page either DVD drive or disk folder and then select next to go to another page. Wizard will then analyze the source and give you your options, Depending on your choice of options the next screen will either be more settings or page to select target. Read through all the instructions and print then out or on another screen to refer to if you have more problems.


Thanks Mack - makes sense now. And thanks for being so kind about it :o
I’ve just copied my first DVD, and I’m very happy.

Glad to help because I know how it is trying a new program.