Problem with dvdfab platinum writing DVD9 (DL)

i’m trying the trial version of DVDFab platinum and while its DVD5 works great, it constantly stops in the middle of writing DVD9 and gives the message “unable to finish writing” (after wasting a DL DVD). Am I doing something wrong or is there something wrong with my computer? thoughts and suggestions are much appreciated. thanks

Try going to the DVDFAB Forum and posting your problem there as they have a good group of smart guys in there if you don’t find any help here

Nice idea, but that would be crossposting ;)…maybe this post could be moved to the DVDFab Forum?

Until then, though, what media (discs) are you using, mtoo?

Welcome to the forum, BTW :slight_smile:

Thanks Arachne, we are on it.:flower:

What kind of D/L media are you using? What kind of burner do you have. Please post some specs so we can help you. What movie gives you this problem, is it just one or do you have this problem with all D/L backups?

Did you change the destination media setting from the default DVD5 to DVD9?

hope that it’s ok to post here, but I found the same problem as mtoo.

I’m trying to copy 'Night at the Museum’
I’m using ‘Infiniti Professional DVD+R DL’ and Liteon LH-20A1H-186 20x Lightscribe DVD Writer.

I managed to copy the same film using DVD5 but stopped during writing when using DVD9.

The following are the last 8 lines from the error log:

3/29/2007 10:13:57 PM info Media removed. Burning layer not ready to write
3/29/2007 10:13:52 PM error Write error at 1904464 (16) - Code 05 21 02 [Illegal request, Invalid address for Write]
3/29/2007 10:13:52 PM warning Reporting invalid address for write during recovery - trying to continue
3/29/2007 10:13:52 PM warning at sector 1904448 (16) - recover sequence started
3/29/2007 10:13:52 PM warning Write error - Code 03 0C 00 [Write error] - Info 0 - CSI 0
3/29/2007 10:13:52 PM info Try #0 - duration 39036046 µs
3/29/2007 9:59:20 PM info Lead-in burning time (mS) 2295
3/29/2007 9:59:17 PM info Write started 3116720 sectors to write

I thank you for your help.

What DVDFab version, mode and burning engine are you using? And what write speed? Give us a little more information and we will all try to help.