Problem with DVDFab Platinum - HELP!

I have been using DVDFab Platinum to rip DVD and ISO files to ipod (mp4). For some reason, on some movies it cuts off the movie at the end as much as 5-10 minutes when playing back the mp4 files. Sometimes the video goes blank and I get audio only. Does anyone know how to remedy this? It is very frustrating!

When ripping from DVD to ipod in DVDFab Platinum I notice that several movies lose video or both audio and video right towards the end of the film, the screen just goes blank, what is causing this problem?

I am ripping into mp4 format and I am increasing the video bitrate each time to improve quality.

Movies I noticed this on are:

Man Of The Year
Catch & Release
Alpha Dog
The Color Purple

This is happening to me too. When I try and re-rip the dvd it goes blank at exactly the same place each time. I’m also ripping to ipod using the mp4 format.

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Sorry no one has reponded yet, but I’ll give it a shot. (I’m a noob re: my Ipod and conversions).
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I haven’t seen this particularly problem posted. AV sync problems have been fairly common, but seem to be fixable for most.

I have Man Of The Year, Catch & Release and Alpha Dog, but haven’t converted these to mp4 as of yet. If you post your specs, I can see if the problem is reproducible.

Currently, I’m using the following configuration with absolutely flawless results…perhaps 30 movies so far. I’m able to plug my Ipod into a 32" flat screen TV and enjoy a very good quality picture.

I am also having the same problem. It began after version for me. When ever I do a DVD to Ipod conversion, the last couple minutes of the movie are gone. Just a white screen with the audio playing. This has happended with every new update on 2 different computers I have tried. I believe it occured when the DVD -Mobile program was rewritten to address AV sync issues.

The settings I am using are: DVD or HDD to Ipod, MPEG4+AAC, 2 pass, fixed bitrate @ 2000, 29.97, audio 110%. These settings work perfectly on older version, namely, which I have to re-install to convert videos. Any help will be appreciated. Thanks.

Here’s an update.
I’m also using and I’m having the same issue when I use the following settings:
High Quality (2-pass), Fixed Bitrate 1500, 30fps, Audio 64, Volume 100%, 640x352.

BUT, it works fine when I change my settings to the following:
Fast encoding (1-pass), Fixed Bitrate 1200, 29.97fps, Audio 128, Volume 300%, 640x352.

Go figure?? Tonight I’m going to experiment more with those settings to fine tune my backups, namely, I would rather use the 2-pass and 1500 fixed bitrate.


I’ll give your settings a shot as well and get back to you later on… :iagree:

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I have just tried a movie that I had problems with before and found out that the error only occurs when using 2 pass mode. Using 1 pass mode the encode worked fine. Please try to encode with 1 pass vs. 2 pass and see if that is the error. Thanks.

I will attempt to do 1 pass instead of 2, how much will this effect the quality of the output? I am one who does not mind file size so much but quality is of utmost importance to me.

By the way, I have noticed this problem on countless other DVDs I have ripped since the second to last update to DVDFAb Platinum.

I am ripping prrimary to watch movies on a large 50" TV streaming to Apple TV. My settings are typically as follows:

MP4 format
2 Pass Encoding
640x352 Resolution
Audio: 128 kbps
Volume: 119%

If anyone has any tips for better quality I am all ears as I am a noob at this stuff. Thanks!

Hey, last night I played with all the settings and I also figured out that it has to do with using 2-pass mode. In 2 pass mode I lose the last few minutes of the movie. Leave all settings the same but switch to 1 pass mode and the movie backs up completely. Then, if I leave it in 1 pass mode and mess around with all the other settings, it still works fine. That indicates to me that it is the 2 pass mode that is causing the error.

So far, the same results for me. I did Alpha Dog, first with SSPAULS’ settings and found the video froze at 1:46:15 while the audio continued. (Full length is approx 1:57). Tried a second time using with my default settings except I maintained the 2 pass setting. The video playback freezes at exactly 1:46:15.
This 2 pass thing takes forever… :eek:

Ran it yet a 3rd time with my default settings…perfect playback.

Personally, I don’t see any difference in quality between 1 and 2 pass modes when viewed on a 19" samsumg monitor.
Generally, I watch the flicks on my Ipod when travelling…not that often.
I have connected to a 32" flat screen TV and it looks just fine. It’s certainly not as crisp as a dvd to dvd bkup, but I wouldn’t expect this.

I can’t imagine my settings on a 50" screen for everyday viewing. and I’m certain you don’t want to… :bigsmile:
What are your other settings?..bitrate?
What’s the resultant file size?

Maineman, thanks for doing the tests, I really appreciate the help.

I re-ripped “The Illusionist” (another movie I had problems with) with 1 pass and it turned out just fine. We have certainly determined that the 2-pass encoding is the problem here which I hope will be resolved in the next version of DVDFab. I will plug the iPod into the TV today to see the results in terms of quality. I have always been advised to do 2 pass encoding as it does make a big difference. Hopefully my 1 pass will look decent enough to continue with this version until the issue is resolved. I have my entire library of over 1,000 DVDs that need to be ripped!

My settings are as follows:

MP4 format (2 pass)
1800 bitrate
128 kbps audio
119% volume
640x352 resolution
default framerate

File size is usually between 1GB-1.5 GB

Good heavens man! I don’t envy you that job… :eek:

Glad to participate. Like my good friend signals, I also love a good mystery… :iagree:

I’m curious about apple tv. I see that your file sizes approach mine, using my default settings. For eg., The Illusionist, movie only, no menu, is 990 MB.
I took a look at apple’s site. Besides a hdd and wireless synching with your tv, what else does it do? I’m amazed that you can get a good quality pic on a 50" screen from a 1 GB file…

This thread has got me going now, I have to see what a 1gig file looks like on MY 55" Sony. If it looks good, ( no pixelation ) that is one heck of a leap in technology. These files are meant to be played on a 2 or 4 inch screen.:iagree:

Dear all,

Please try DVDFab Beta to see the result:

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I’ve used DVDFab Paltinum/Gold/Express for a couple of years. I just installed Vista Ultimate edition and made a couple of backups of DVD’s that were fine, then all of a sudden today, on two different computers, I can’t get it to work. I tried uninstallingthem, reinstalled them, uninstalled and installed older vrsions to no avail.get a windows message that DVD Fab has stopped working and has to close. The message appears the instant that DVD Fab finishes reading the original DVD and is abput to start burning the backup copy. Usually it never got that far… the other problem I am having with the new DVD Fab versions is right when it starts saving the original DVD. It get to the first chapter and fails and I get a box with a red X that just dsays “PROCESS”. Nothing else, no explanation… There is no way to get out of either error message, you have to close the program. Can you help?

Hi Mike and welcome to the forum
If you are having a problem with DVDFab on a Vista operating system then you need to add it to the DEP exception list, if you do not know how please let me know and I will be glad to type the info step-by-step :smiley:

Problem fixed with the newest update. Thanks a lot. This is the best program on the market.

So this means I can continue with 2 pass encoding on the latest version and not have to worry about the movie cutting off at the end? I hope so!

1 GB files looks good on my 50" Hitachi HDTV, very close to DVD quality. There is some pixelation but it is still quite good.

Movies purchased on iTunes (around 1 GB) and viewed on my television look phenomenal! Does anyone have the recipe that Apple uses to encode their movies that they sell on iTunes? I would love to have this as I would encode all my movies using that formula as the results are fantastic. I have been unable, to this point to duplicate the level of quality in DVDFab as I get from a movie purchased on iTunes. I am sure it can be done but I have yet to figure it out. Any help would be appreciated.