Problem with DVDFab menus

I have been using DVDIdle Pro( and DVDFab Platinum( to back up DVDs before letting the kids get at them. Most have worked fine, but a few have resulted with menus that do not point to the correct place on the disc, and the title/chapter times don’t display correctly. For example, “War of the Worlds” plays just fine if I start at the beginning and let it run to the end, but if I try to go directly to any chapter beyond chapter 12 using the menu, the movie locks up. Going to a chapter before that gets me to a point on the disc that does not correspond to the actual chapter. I had the same problem with the DVD “Big Fish”. I am using several different burners (Sony, LaCie, Lite-On) to make the backups, and two different stand alone players plus Win-DVD on the computer, with no change in the results. I would appreciate any feedback, because I am out of ideas.


Especially with recent movies, I think the rip/compress process is having problems with the disc structure, when you try and backup the complete disc. I know the kids like the fancy menu’s, but try ripping/burning the main movie only and see if you have success - this has worked for me.