Problem with DVDFab Decrypter

I just installed DVDFab Decrypter 3130 and noticed the “Source” does not recognize my DVD drive, but the Target does recognize it? It just says, “Please insert DVD disc, etc…”. Now I can’t even rip a disc to the hard drive. :frowning: Someone told me to uninstall my drive & let the computer re-install it. Done that…didn’t work. :disagree: I just finished reformatting my comp yesterday so its clean of any bugs and other components seem to work. All my drives are up to date as far as firmware goes. I think this is a glitch with 3130. After wasting just about all day on this, I’m all out of ideas. Can Fengtao or someone please help me with this?


It would be nice if you told us what drive and firmware it has.:iagree:


Source drive is: DVDRW IDE1108 firmware version B430 (maybe a little old but it works :slight_smile: )
Target Drive : SONY DVD RW DRU-820A 1.0c

Yep…it must be a bug, because I just installed about 2 different rippers (just for comparison) and they recognized the source DVD drive. Must be bug…this is getting frustrating…