Problem with DVDFab 5 trial

I have attempted to copy the dvd Semi Pro like 50 times and it will not ever even make it to the point were I put a dvd into to burn the movie on. It can’t read past a certain part of the movie and gets “stuck” so to speak. I sent a few emails to Fentago and have heard nothing back…it has been 5 days. I was going to buy this software after my trail ran out but now I’m not sure about doing that. I was under the impression that it cpoies EVERY dvd with no problem and then to never get a reply from my email to them makes me a little leary about buying the product. Any way my real question is has anyone got Semi Pro to work on version 5? I do the special features and the movie when I back up a dvd but I tried just the movie and even that didnt work…HELP!!!

previous versions of dvdfab had trouble with Semi-Pro. please download version 5030. :slight_smile:

and be sure you have pathplayer set to [B]Always Enabled[/B].

thanks troy

I just downloaded the trial version of DVDFab 5 like two days ago…is there a newer one that I dont know about? I am using Verb. dvs so Im sure its not the dvds. Path player is set for open also.

I wonder has anyone else backed up Semi Pro? I cant seem to get this dvd to back up with DVDFab5…I am using the trial version. I had intended to buy the software when trial is up, but I have emailed them with the question about Semi Pro quite a few days ago and never heard back from them. I was also under the impression that this program would back up ANY DVD EVER MADE. Has anyone else had this problem with them? Has anyone found any other dvds that can’t be backed up? Anyone have response issues with them? I am wondering because I want to buy the program but don’t want to be disappionted in doing it.

If you check in the DVDFab forum you will see that this has been taken care of.

Not supposed to be double posting. You have the same post in the newbie forum. I think you need to read forum rules again. Also like Dialysis1 said check dvdfab forum because the new version can handle this movie

Acctually,this post is different. I asked has anyone else had problems with the issue I am asking about. In the previous post I was not as specfic. Also,like I said in the previous post, what new version? I just downloaded this version 2 days ago. It’s version 5 so what is the link to get the new version because I dont know where to find it. I thank you in advance for the info.

Moved to DVD Fab forum.

Moved to DVD Fab forum.

I have solved my problem!!! I found the problem and now I have backed up Semi Pro. Thank you to all who offered info and help. Thanks 2 DVDFab for making THE BEST program out!:bow:

Hi jaewest1, I just had your thread moved from Gen Software to the Fab Forum. Posting in two different forum about the same issue is called crossposting. Please read our forum rules and post in the appropriate forum for your issue. Thankyou for understanding.:wink:

I am sorry if I did crosspost, but if you read the posts I did actually post two different questions about my issue(s). In any case, I apologize and I will be more careful as to where I post my threads from now on. Once again thanks to all that provided info and insight. DVDFab is the best program out.

No worrys jaewest1, I am happy your problem seems to be solved. Good to have you here.:clap: