Problem with DVDfab 5.3

My problem started with DVDfab not creating the correct format that would work for my psp. in a attempt to fix the issue i uninstalled/rebooted/reinstalled and then used my keys to activate the functions i bought, (Plat & Mobile) when i place DVD media into the drive, any dvd (disney, mgm, etc…) it will try to read the disk, over and over and over again, this will continue untill i cancel the action. could someone please help me resolve this issue. :sad:

If you have pathplayer enabled…disable it.

As Benhad said…
The default setting is:
[B]Enable PathPlayer when necessary[/B], which quite frankly, stinks…IMO
Either pick [B]Always enable PathPlayer[/B]
[B]Disable PathPlayer[/B]
Then, if you get an analyze/read failure, simply choose the other.
Personally, I select “Always” and any failure to analyze is extremely rare.
In these rare instances, I simply disable PP and have never had a disc fail ro rip.