Problem with dvd9, nero

ok. I need some help… if you can answer the following questions … you will have saved me from ripping all of my hair out!

do you know anything about NERO and burning .bup, .iso.and video_ts files to a DVD+RDL? I have reconfigured the hardware and changed the jumpers and IDE wires. set the primary drive to master and the secondary to slave. (thrice configured) reinstalled the software (twice)… but every time i think i have it… one of two things happen…

  • it tells me the dvdrdl is full. (and it’s not- it’s right off the spindle)
  • it doesn’t recognize the disc at all and crashes every program i have running.

I have tried different media, I even got it to work once and managed to get one whole disc burnt (and the disc works great)… which concerns me… why would it work all of a sudden?- i haven’t changed anything, no updates or anything… But all of a sudden it’s back to this crap again, and I’ve coastered 3 discs and I’ve lost my patience. as you know the DLs are NOT cheap and I don’t want to lose the quality by shrinking it if I can avoid it. I have been to every web site i can think of to try and figure this out, and I just can’t seem to find anything about it. I burn stuff all the time… i really am at a loss… i’m beginning to think a sledge hammer would help?

I’m running nero 7 essen. on Windows XP, I have 2 DVD drives, both of which are capable of burning dvdrdl. PLEASE… PLEASE HELP! it works… it doesn’t work. it works… it doesn’t work… it makes me crazy.

Which DL disks are you using? The only reliable dual layer media is sold under the Verbatim brand. Everything else is hit or miss.

If you don’t mind the suggestion of using another program, I think you would be better off using something else to burn dual layer disks. Many of us around here use ImgBurn, especially for dual layer since it will set the layer break correctly.

ImgBurn is free to download and use, with no restrictions.

Here is a tutorial on burning dvd video to DL disks using ImgBurn:

ImgBurn now starts off in EZ-Mode, so just click Write Files/Folders to a Disc and it will get you to Build Mode, which is the start of that tutorial.

You should burn at something less than full speed. I burn all my Verbatim DL at 4x.

i started out using Nexttech DL… but they sucked, so I returned them ( i didn’t even get a chance to coaster them since my drive didn’t recognize them and just kept crashing. I am using Memorex now… i was able to burn one, but the rest- not so much. Maybe i should try Verbatim- I just hate to have to spend more money on DLs… i can’t return the memorex I have now.

thanx sooooo much for the info. I’ll try it all this afternoon and let you know how i made out. Thanx SO much for the suggestions.

Namaste. :slight_smile:

ok… so i downloaded the program… it was going great until… the same thing happened as before. it began to write and then i got an error message…

so i removed the media and tried a new disc… this time my drive just kept making noise and the program stalled… ‘waiting for media’ this is the same things that have been happening to me from before.

any ideas… please.

it’s my actual drive isn’t it? i’m going to have to buy a new one? it’s only a year old!!!

help. :frowning:

oh… AND it crashed all my programs [B]again[/B]. >:( harummmpfffff

how about c4?

and now i can’t get imgburn to even open if the disc is already in the drive, and if i start program first, it continues to tell me there is no disc in the drive.

so if, in fact it is my drive… can you point me to a good (fairly cheap) DL drive? ***I am seriously ready to scream. I sincerely appreciate any and all help yuou have to offer. Thank you so much for listenng to me whine about this… but after doing this for almost 2weeks- well… i’m sure you understand my frustration. Thank You so much in advance.

Error messages are one thing. Crashing the computer is a whole different level of bad.

I’m not sure what to advise you on this one. It is possible to flash that HP drive with Lite-on firmware (it is a LH-201AH Lite-on drive). But I’m not sure that would help considering you are getting system crashes here.

You might want to consider an Optiarc/NEC drive…the 7200a found here.
or possibly a Pioneer 116 which you can find at any of the online stores like or or

By the way, if you want to try to flash this drive to Lite-on firmware, go to the Lite-on forum here at cdfreaks and start a new thread with your intent in the title. “Need to flash HP 1040d to a LH-201AH”

Those guys can help you on that much better than me since I’m not a Lite-on user.

ok… I’ll try that. thanx again for all of your help… really… you rock. :slight_smile: