Problem with dvd2svcd

I have been trying to convert a few of my divx files to a dvd recordable formart so I used the divx to dvdr tutorial on this site using CCE. I have also used one elsewhere. The problem is that it never converts the file to 29fps, instead leaing it at 23.xxxfps. From what I gather, if the file is 23 then it should automatically load pulldown and create a video file called pulldown_x_x.mpv and set it to 29. The only file I ever get is NTSC_encoded_x_x.mpv and then, because it’s 23, any dvd authoring sorftware complains… Any ideas??


Where do you live?

If you live in America or Japan you should choose NTSC which is 23.976 (what you are getting)

If you live in the UK or Europe (I think) you should choose PAL which is 25fps…

I don’t know of any formats with 29fps…

I have no expiereince with Any dvd authoring software because i use TMPG Enc authoring software.

Anyway the best person to ask is probably Chickenman…

Hope this helps

I live in the US and trying to use TMPGEnc DVD Author, i get this error:

  • The video framerate 23.976 fps cannot be used for a standard DVD
    -The video framerate 23.976 fps cannont be used for a standard DVD
    -You can only use the following framerate for a standard DVD

29.97 fps (NTSC format only)
25 fps (PAL format only)


I have never encountered DVD2SVCD to not detect the original fps of the AVI incorrectly. It always runs Pulldown automatically. Just check in the Pulldown tab of DVD2SVCD that it IS pionting to pulldown.exe.

You can use it manually but from a DOS box (I think there is a GUI version around somewhere). Just copy pulldown.exe to the folder that has your *.mpv file. From the DOS box, move to the folder, then type in

pulldown Encoded_video_CCE_NTSC.mpv New_video_at_29.mpv

Then the new file will load into any Authoring tool.

I finally figured it out! After running pulldown manually I noticed that the video was only about half there, so after digging around in the logs I found that there were a couple CRC errors durring the encoding. So I checked google and found a patch that removes CRC checking from CCE 2.5, ran it and now it’s working fine. IT just never was making it to pulldown… Thanks for the help!


Arr… the good old CRC problems, glad your sorted it out.

FWIW, I have had nothing but trouble with dvd2svcd detecting fps. If the source avi is not 23.97, 25, or 29.97, dvd2svcd cannot decipher it properly, and assumes 23.97.
I have a ton of footage from an older Canon cam, that is at 14.985fps (half NTSC), and dvd2svcd insists on encoding at 23.97, including audio, so everything turns out as if it were the Chipmunks singing.
After manually messing with the script, I can get it to work, but found it too much hassle, when there are other apps that will do the same job, although not all in one package.

With that fps, just about every encoder has trouble. TMPGEnc wont even load it let alone convert it. But if it was 23.98 or 23.95, then D2V handles them no probs.